Longevity Welding Launches Welding Helmets With Stronger Shell

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Welding helmets in simple words are headgears which protects face, eyes and neck from dangerous heat, sparks and ultraviolet or infrared rays emitted when using the welding machine. The welding helmet is made up of two main parts which are the caring helmet itself and the window from which one can see the work being done. When choosing a welding helmet make sure to find an appropriate one by ensuring the quality of the light filter used, known as the lens shade, it should offer multi-functionality and be overall comfort.

"With machines becoming more and more advanced, safety precautions should also need to be taken more seriously," said Simon Katz, President, Longevity welding. The hobbyist and the professional welder will both need a high quality helmet which is easy to use and also appropriate for the type of jobs to do. During the past years, the helmet sufficed to the use of a type of shield but it could only cover the face and came with a permanent shade of dark lens. This made the welder flip the shield up and down while welding. Such helmets were inconvenient as they made it difficult to watch what was going on and also difficult to use it in cramped places like when working under the car. However the technology today has changed which has made welding helmets with the auto darkening lens shade feature which can always block 100 percent ultraviolet and infrared light while also providing visible filter light through the welding arc only when welding.

The viewing screen is the most expensive and important part in a welding helmet. The screen has darkness rating with a range which actually corresponds to the energy output on the welding torch. Therefore those welders working with the same amperage or even with the same metal can opt for a fixed eyeshade. However those working with wide variety of welding jobs, there are variable lens shields which can be the right option. The other rating for the auto darkening lens is for the time taken by the device to darken after the arc has started. It can be safe to use helmets which darken in about 4 to 10 milliseconds as the eyes cannot sense the light changing during that time.

There are also some welding helmets operated on batteries. They can be used indoors and the batteries have to be changed. Some of the other varieties in such helmets use sunlight that is perfect for outdoor use but might not be compatible in the dark. Additionally one will also need a lens which is big enough so that he has sufficient field of view. The other thing to consider is how the welding helmets look as one can find model in interesting decals, shapes and colors. People might also find some welding helmets which include accessories like breathing filters which give in fresh air to reduce fog. One of the best choices one have is the Longevity welding Auto-darkening Filter starter blue helmet which come with several safety features. It includes IR/UV filter, two liquid crystal elements, three polarizes and a cover glass for protection.


Simon Katz
Longevity, Inc.

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