LooLeDo.com Announces Addition of Simple Kids Crafts Instructions to a Craft-Themed Social Network Website

Alamo, California (EastBayDaily) — LooLeDo.com announces the addition of a new line of simple kids crafts with instructions. These crafts are designed with younger children in mind.

These free crafts for kids are available on LooLeDo.com with videos and step-by-step instructions that have been designed for children age five and up.

With this recent inclusion of crafts that have been designed for younger visitors, LooLeDo.com is responding to requests by active users that it should make available additional kids crafts that are suitable for children with very limited resources and which can be made very quickly in the classroom or at home.

Initial simple crafts include the Egg Carton Butterfly, an Egg Carton Caterpillar, and an Egg Carton Ladybug, all of which are designed for very young children to make with limited effort.

Each craft is professionally photographed and includes instructions written by authors at LooLeDo with a younger audience in mind. Developers at LooLeDo foresee the addition of hundreds of additional simple kids crafts instructions in 2010 to its growing catalog of free craft instructions for kids.

LooLeDo.com currently offers over 10,000 pages of craft-based photos, videos, and craft instructions.

LooLeDo.com, which was developed with elements from the successful Look, Learn and Do Publications series of children’s books, was built for people with an interest in simple kids crafts to connect with one another, share craft ideas and projects, create interest groups, and have fun.

“We are excited to add these new simple crafts for kids to build and enjoy,” said Mark Icanberry, President of Look, Learn & Do Publications. “We love hearing about the fun that kids all over the world are having as they make the crafts they find on LooLeDo.”

LooLeDo.com users can register and upload photo albums and photos of crafts they have made, with customizable descriptions and tags, and can share their photos with other users and viewers. Users can also upload their own videos or link to others.

Membership is free, and offers users a wide variety of features. Members are able to     Comment and rate other people's projects     Send messages to other users     Invite friends to join     Create and manage individual craft interest groups     Edit their own profile and home page     Upload their own videos in a wide variety of common video formats, and tag and describe their videos for others     Create their own photo albums, and upload photos into these albums with step-by-step instructions for other users to follow when making kids crafts

About LooLeDo.com LooLeDo.com was founded in September 2009 by Mark Icanberry, President of Look, Learn & Do Publications, and author of the successful Look, Learn & Do Series of children’s books. LooLeDo.Com is headquartered in Alamo, CA.


Mark Icanberry