LooLeDo.com Announces Relaunch of Kids Crafts and Science Projects Social Networking Website

Alamo, California (EastBayDaily) — LooLeDo.com announces a relaunch of its kids crafts and science project website for children, parents, teachers, and educators. LooLeDo.com provides consistently updated and unique kids crafts made from easily found supplies, with video and photo step-by-step instructions.

This update includes an entirely new design for the overall site, as well as functional changes for LooLeDo Community users that will allow them to share their craft ideas with other users more quickly and easily.

LooLeDo.com now includes the ability for users to add and edit their own craft groups with discussion capabilities, the ability to invite others to join as friends, and to connect and to log in to their Facebook accounts with their LooLeDo accounts through Facebook Connect.

LooLeDo.com now also offers on-the-fly translation services for the large international audience of people interested in kids crafts, and Ajax-based search functionality for all content on the website.

LooLeDo.com currently offers over 10,000 pages of craft-based photos, videos, and craft instructions.

LooLeDo.com, which was developed with elements from the successful Look, Learn and Do Publications series of children’s books, was built for people with an interest in kids crafts to connect with one another, share craft ideas and projects, create interest groups, and have fun.

“We are excited to launch this new version of our craft website for kids, parents, teachers, and educators,” said Mark Icanberry, President of Look, Learn & Do Publications. “Initial response from our global audience has been fantastic.”

LooLeDo.com users can register and upload photo albums and photos of crafts they have made, with customizable descriptions and tags, and can share their photos with other users and viewers. Users can also upload their own videos or link to others.

Membership is free, and offers users a wide variety of features. Members are able to     Comment and rate other people's projects     Send messages to other users     Invite friends to join     Create and manage individual craft interest groups     Edit their own profile and home page     Upload their own videos in a wide variety of common video formats, and tag and describe their videos for others     Create their own photo albums, and upload photos into these albums with step-by-step instructions for other users to follow when making kids crafts

With the re-launch of LooLeDo.com, kids, parents, teachers and educators now have a website that allows them to use their imaginations and creativity while sharing their crafts and science projects with others.

“We don't think it's necessary for parents and teachers to spend an arm and a leg to get the necessary materials for crafts they find on LooLeDo.com. They can usually be found just by looking around the house or by choosing recyclable items,” says Icanberry.

About LooLeDo.com LooLeDo.com was founded in September 2009 by Mark Icanberry, President of Look, Learn & Do Publications, and author of the successful Look, Learn & Do Series of children’s books. LooLeDo.Com is headquartered in Alamo, CA.


Mark Icanberry