Lotus Moon Introduces Firm and Refine Night Gel to EcoBeauty Skin Care Collection

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — While many anti-aging products promise renewed looking skin and firming properties, the results can be minimal. Lotus Moon is proud to unveil its Firm and Refine Night Gel, formulated to boost collagen and strengthen skins natural elasticity while sea and plant-based ingredients blue green algae and aloe vera aid in repairing common problem areas.

Lotus Moon’s Firm and Refine Night Gel is the next generation in beauty sleep. Why not wake up with younger, smoother looking skin? A nighttime anti-aging skincare routine can greatly help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and replace the nutrients skin needs to bounce back.

“I love this product due to its simplicity. Now that we gave it a boost with my favorite sea-based ingredient, blue green algae, my nighttime ritual is complete,” says Lotus Moon CEO, Lake Louise.

Firm and Refine Night Gel is a perfect addition to any sleep routine. A firming combination of active ingredients glycolic and lactic acids encourage the breakdown of old damaged cells to accelerate the emergence of new cells, gradually reduce discoloration and to help restore skin thickness, texture and tone. But the results don’t stop there – Firm and Refine Night Gel continues to transform the appearance of fine lines, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, protecting delicate eye tissue, minimizing the appearance of pores and evening out skin tone and color.

Firm and Refine Night Gel by Lotus Moon combines powerful active ingredients to brighten, soften, smooth and moisturize all skin types. It is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.

About Lotus Moon

A brand of SMB Essentials, Lotus Moon is an affordable eco-friendly skin care line for all skin types that uses natural and organic ingredients for balanced and radiant-looking skin. Created by Lake Louise in 2002, Louise combines her passion for the environment and love for skincare in creating a wide range of products that include anti-aging serums, moisturizers, peels, exfoliants, and more for the eco-conscious woman. To see what Lotus Moon can do for your skin, visit http://www.smbessentials.com.

About Skin, Mind, Body Essentials (SMB Essentials):

Skin, Mind, Body Essentials develops natural and organic beauty and wellness products for brands: Lotus Moon®, DetoxRx®, Plain Jane Beauty® and SON®.


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