Lucid Releases “Building Blocks,” Empowering Sustainability Teams to Easily Showcase Real-Time Building Performance Data From Any Internet-Enabled Device

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Lucid, creator of the operating system for commercial building technology, today announced the general availability of Building Blocks, a powerful new set of engagement tools for sustainability teams across multiple industries. Building Blocks are customizable, embeddable snippets of building performance data that provide real-time feedback on energy and water use. This new feature bolsters Lucid’s position as pioneers of the Connected Buildings movement.

Building Blocks extend the capabilities of BuildingOS’s engagement solution, allowing users to seamlessly create their own interactive graphs and gauges tiles that are easily embeddable on an organization’s homepage, sustainability portal, blog and digital signage. Building Blocks can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.

“Building Blocks are all about increasing the number of eyes on your data, and making it easier to view in locations that people at your organization frequently visit,” said Gavin Platt, cofounder and VP Design at Lucid. “In the Connected Buildings movement, our goal is to bring all buildings online in order to connect a diverse set of teams to their buildings’ data; Building Blocks help us accomplish that goal.”

Already, teams across governments, K-12 schools, and higher education are using Building Blocks to drive smarter decision-making. The City of Washington D.C.’s Department of General Services is using Building Blocks to showcase the results of the D.C. Green Schools Challenge as part of the organization’s goal to halve its carbon footprint by 2032. St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School in Alexandria, Virginia is using Building Blocks in an attempt to reduce electricity consumption by 20% by 2020; since 2008, the school has reduced electricity use by 18%. Additionally, sustainability teams at a variety of higher educational institutions, like Dickinson College and St. Lawrence University, are using Building Blocks to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Building Blocks are the latest innovation in BuildingOS, the operating system for commercial building technology. More than 500 sustainability teams across multiple industries use BuildingOS to bring all metering and building systems online. This results in visibility into an organization’s entire building portfolio, which empowers building occupants to become active participants in energy management.

To learn more about Building Blocks, watch the Building Blocks video or read Lucid blog.

About Lucid Lucid's mission is to organize all buildings' data and provide a single, ubiquitous interface that connects hardware, software, and people. The Oakland, California-based company pioneered the field of behavioral efficiency and occupant engagement technology. Lucid’s BuildingOS, the operating system for commercial building technology, brings all metering and building systems online and gives entire organizations a single point of access to optimize energy costs, comfort, and productivity. Multiple industries use the intuitive suite of applications in BuildingOS to connect diverse teams to the building technologies they rely on every day, and amplify the capabilities and value of their existing technologies.


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