LumiLife Brings Light to Life: New Lighting System Unites LED and Bluetooth Smart Technologies

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Bay Area startup LumiLife is developing an aesthetically driven, technologically advanced lighting system that taps the vast potential of smart devices to deliver creative, personalized lighting experiences that bring colorful inspiration to people’s lives.

LumiLife takes advantage of two key benefits of LED lighting — low heat emission and low power consumption – as well as its compatibility with the latest sensor and power-saving Bluetooth Smart technologies to introduce consumers to a new era of lighting for home, office and outdoors.

"Consumers are ready," said LumiLife co-founder Ellen Wang. "With over 500 million active smart devices in the US and China alone, consumers are demanding more integration and convenience — and that’s what LumiLife is all about," she explained.

The LumiLife system consists of two separate, easy-to-use parts: a portable rechargeable globe and a luminous lighting base with a built-in charging dock. The low heat emitted by LEDs allows users to easily hold the portable globe while it is illuminated, and the absence of cords and the 8-hour battery life frees people to take their lighting experience anywhere. The lighting base is also a fully programmable light and can be controlled remotely, like the globe, doubling your possible lighting effects.

Upon downloading a free app for their smart phone or tablet, users can shape their lighting environment in dozens of ways:     Selecting from 16 million+ colors and preset patterns.     Setting the timer to wake up naturally with light.     Using the light alerts to see their phone "ring".     Setting proximity sensors to make lights come alive as they approach. Engineer and company co-founder Andrew Wen first met Ms. Wang at UGOBE, creator of the lifelike robotic dinosaur Pleo, one of the world’s first commercial social robots. "Ellen and I knew we could create a system that would change the way people think about lighting," said Mr. Wen. "Lighting should be as personal and easy to change as a playlist, ringtone or profile picture and as creative as your imagination allows," he explained. "LumiLife can make that happen. It brings light to life."

The project was recently featured on the Kickstarter home page. "LED lighting has been a successful category for Kickstarter campaigns, so we are confident we will excite the backers we need to take LumiLife to reality," said Ms. Wang.

Mr. Wen, seasoned software engineer Tyler Wilson and the third company founder, technologist and designer John Sosoka, are currently refining the LumiLife prototype. The company plans to start production next spring.

About LumiLife

LumiLife was started in Berkeley, CA, in April 2013 when three tech-driven entrepreneurs identified an exciting opportunity in LED lighting experiences: portability and enhanced functionality. Co-founders Ellen Wang and Andrew Wen first met at Ugobe, creator of the lifelike robotic dinosaur Pleo. With John Sosoka they founded LumiLife to explore the possibilities of LED lighting technology to introduce colorful inspiration to people’s lives. For more information, visit


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