LUNA® Introduces New Fiber Line for Women

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — LUNA®, the maker of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women®, today introduced LUNA® Fiber, a high-fiber snack that provides the essential nutrients women need most and comes in a variety of delectable flavors. The soft-baked and fruit-filled bar is a tasty snack that curbs hunger and satisfies women’s cravings between meals.

“Most women want more fiber, but we found that women cite taste as the top barrier to eating more of it,” (i) said Paula Connelly, LUNA brand director. “With LUNA Fiber, we provide a nutritious snack that is also a great escape from the bland taste usually associated with fiber-rich products.”

With the understanding that women are no longer adhering to traditional eating patterns and are instead choosing to snack when and where most appropriate for their often busy schedules,(ii) LUNA Fiber serves as a delicious, portable option to fit into any schedule, wrapped in a new attractive package that is a visual treat as well.

“LUNA Fiber not only offers an excellent source of fiber, but it also includes vitamins and minerals that are most essential to women’s health, such as calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamin D,” said Tara DelloIacono-Thies, Registered Dietitian and manager of nutrition strategy for LUNA. “Women shouldn’t have to choose between nutrition and great taste—they are looking for a snack that multi-tasks as much as they do.”

LUNA Fiber comes in three flavors: Peanut Butter Strawberry, Blueberry Vanilla, and Chocolate Raspberry.

Nutritional Benefits 7 grams of fiber 110-120 calories Contains the CORE 4™ vitamins and minerals: (iii) calcium, folic acid, iron and vitamin D 70 percent organic

Product Pricing & Availability LUNA Fiber will be available in stores nationwide in May. It can also be found online at with a suggested retail price of $1.39.

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About LUNA® LUNA®, nourishes women with delicious snacks made from organic ingredients and with the essential vitamins women need. LUNA connects, supports and celebrates women with programs such as LUNAFEST®, a national traveling fundraising festival of short films by…for…about women, and Team LUNA Chix, an all-women’s sport group inspiring women to learn new sports and be active. LUNA proudly donates one percent of its sales to a variety of women’s nonprofits and the Breast Cancer Fund through the Clif Bar Family Foundation. (

About “The Power of Snacking: The Next Decade of Women’s Changing Nutrition Report” In July 2011, LUNA and the Institute for the Future conducted a research project to identify, analyze and forecast the significant trends and forces shaping the way American women snack. The report looks at the transformation in snacking from the perspective of four generational bands of American women and forecasts the values, attitudes, and behaviors they will adopt to navigate the complex decade ahead. The study’s findings were derived from a combination of exploratory group interviews and in-home interviews with women across four age ranges with a good mix of ethnicity, occupations and household configurations. The report and related research materials are available at References:

i LUNA Qualitative Focus Groups, January 2010. ii “The Power of Snacking: The Next Decade of Women’s Changing Nutrition,” LUNA and the Institute for the Future, January 2012. iii While other nutrients are also essential for human nutrition, the CORE 4 nutrients are listed because of their importance to many women seeking to maintain their health.


Katie Warmuth
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