Lyris Sets New Enterprise Standard for Email Deliverability with Latest Release

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — To address the challenges of email inbox placement that can impact marketing reach, response, and revenue, Lyris, Inc. (LYRI) today announced it has added innovative deliverability optimization capabilities to its cloud-based digital marketing application, Lyris HQ. With engagement-based priority send features and the industry’s first unified delivery management console, Lyris is once again setting a new standard for enterprise-class email delivery.

Email deliverability is the foundation of every successful digital marketing strategy. However, marketers often fail to ensure that their messages are not mistakenly filtered as spam and don’t think about deliverability until thousands, or in some cases millions, of emails fail to arrive. In addition, many marketers also assume messages are delivered if they don’t receive a bounce notification. However, this is often not the case. eConsultancy estimates that more than 20 percent of commercial email does not make it into the inbox, decreasing the revenue potential of every customer communication.

Lyris Priority Send provides an automated approach designed to help enterprise marketers dramatically improve inbox placement. Lyris Priority Send uses an advanced scoring algorithm to send messages to a company’s most engaged subscribers first. By doing so, Lyris Priority Send generates early campaign interactions that yield high engagement, confirming to ISPs and other monitoring services that a sender is providing customer value. This reduces the risk of ISP rate limits and strengthens inbox placement for the entire campaign, driving increased open rates and conversions. Lyris Priority Send is available exclusively to Lyris Delivery View service customers.

“Email marketing starts and ends with deliverability, yet it is a constantly evolving area that requires a lot of attention,” said Matt Barba, senior coordinator, digital media at InteQ. “That is why we think Lyris Priority Send is a breakthrough approach for boosting deliverability with less effort.”

Additionally, Lyris has launched the Lyris Advanced Delivery Management Console, which combines expanded inbox previews with spam analysis, delivery and blacklist monitoring and tightly integrates these capabilities into the campaign design, testing, and proofing workflow. The integrated capabilities save marketers costs and effort from needing to manage and triangulate the output of multiple tools in order to maximize campaign performance. With just a few clicks, Lyris users are now able to preview messages across more than 30 different clients and mobile devices, examine specific words and phrases that trigger spam filters, check for blacklisting, and review inbox placement of past campaigns. By prompting marketers to validate how messages will be rendered across devices, Lyris removes the typical hurdles for testing emails before sending them, ensuring they create the desired customer experience. The result is better deliverability and personalized engagement anywhere messages are viewed by customers.

“Email is such a vital communication channel between us and our members,” said Jim Sonick, senior director, Member Data Management at the National Association of Manufacturers. “That is why it is invaluable for us to test and ensure an optimal brand experience with our emails, regardless of the mobile device or email client our members are using to interact with us.”

“We are continuously developing new ways to analyze subscriber interactions and manage sender reputation to maximize inbox placement and deliver on the incredible revenue potential of email marketing,” said Evan Burke, Global Head of Deliverability at Lyris. “These new capabilities combined with our Delivery View consulting services represent the most comprehensive deliverability optimization offering available to marketers today.”

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Danielle Tarp