Making a Business out of Saving the Earth

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — clients like Todd Baylson of the Philadelphia-based company Green Perspective are discovering that one can run a business and also save the earth.

Green Perspective purchases environment-friendly products from various sources, including promotional products supplier, and assembles them into themed gift sets.

“Educating people about how they can help make a difference is critical to a more sustainable future,” Baylson says.

The earth-loving, tree-hugging enterprise offers bamboo cutting boards, locally made natural soap, compact fluorescent bulbs, and books on the green revolution, among others.

Assembled into gift sets, these products are wrapped in stylish bamboo bowls and reusable totes instead of disposable plastic bags.

The company also goes out of its way to ensure that delivery practices are environmentally responsible. Shipped through 3-day US Postal Service Flat Rate Priority, Green Perspective products reach their destinations in eco-friendly packaging. To minimize its environmental impact, the company reuses and recycles its packaging materials.

Baylson is confident that over time, green products will replace their conventional peers. “There is no reason they should not because green items are stylish, attractive, useful, and better for us and our environment,” he says.

Green promotions Promotions wise,’s giveaways guru Celine Benjamin has observed the trend toward more environment-friendly marketing.

“The recession has resulted in marketers cutting down on promotional expenses, but while they continue to keep their marketing campaigns budget-friendly, they are also making sure their practices do not harm the environment,” Benjamin observes.

Promotional mugs and bags are some of the popular green giveaways that Branders clients are ordering. “One company purchased hundreds of personalized tumblers to discourage employees from ordering take-out coffee in disposable cups,” Benjamin mentions.

Benjamin has noticed that more clients are putting in orders for reusable shopping bags and trade-show totes, spurred, in part, by the impending ban on plastic bags. “Companies are realizing that these reusable bags help enhance their brand recall. Trade show guests are bringing these promotional totes home and reusing them every way they can,” she says.

Like Baylson, Benjamin is hopeful that more clients see the impact of responsibly choosing green promotional items. “It may cost a little more than regular items, and the benefit may not be evident immediately, but in the long run, what should be important is you are doing your bit and encouraging others to do the same. One good thing, done by many, will count a lot.”

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