Marstel-Day Supports Arroyo Viejo Community Garden

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — In keeping with its long-standing tradition and policy of company-wide Earth Day participation, on Friday, April 19th, Marstel-Day, LLC celebrated its 12th Earth Day campaign with over one hundred employees giving back to their communities and the environment across the nation. Marstel-Day's Oakland California Office joined the City of Oakland's Office of Parks and Recreation in an Earth Day volunteer event to help repair and revitalize the Arroyo Viejo Community Garden, located in East Oakland, an underserved part of the City. The Arroyo Viejo Community Garden was established in 2001 and is located within the Arroyo Viejo Park and Recreation area and is in close proximity to a local elementary school.

As funding cuts throughout the Oakland community continue to affect services, the Marstel-Day team showed its support for the community garden on Earth Day. Marstel-Day's Oakland team worked on repairing planting beds, refilling old soil beds, weeding, removing yards of landscape fabric, and pruning herbs. Together, the City of Oakland and Marstel-Day staffs were able to revitalize the Arroyo Viejo Community garden and contribute to the health and vitality of East Oakland residents, many of them who are at risk from living in a "food desert" – an area is having few or no stores that offer affordable and healthy foods.

Considered off the beaten path, the Arroyo Viejo Community Garden does not receive as much participation as the other 15 community gardens operated by the Office of Parks and Recreation. Melissa Chun, an Analyst at Marstel-Day, stated, "It's fantastic to be part of this green revolution and food justice movement that is occurring in the Bay Area. I am glad the City of Oakland has provided this opportunity for us to take pride in our city and improve the health of the community."

The work done in community-based gardens in Oakland and all over the country continues to be essential to local urban communities. By transforming empty spaces like the Arroyo Viejo area, residents and volunteer groups are helping satisfy the basic need for healthy food. East Oakland is an exceedingly resilient community and many residents and groups like Marstel-Day are improving our environment and our people.

The Marstel-Day Oakland team was excited to join together to work on these service projects and look forward to making a meaningful environmental impact in their communities each year. President and CEO, Rebecca R. Rubin noted that Earth Day is "Our company's way of connecting to its conservation mission in a fundamental, down-to earth kind of way."

Marstel-Day, LLC, is an idea-driven, value-based environmental company offering green consulting to the public and private sectors. Since its inception in 2002, Marstel-Day has been committed to executing projects that enhance the environment and permanently conserve natural resources and wildlife habitat.


Rebecca R. Rubin
Marstel-Day, LLC