Master Golf Club Craftsman Jesse Ortiz Launches Worldwide Design Blog

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Acclaimed golf club designer Jesse Ortiz first hit the television airwaves in 1999 when he commenced an infomercial advertising campaign. On August 23, 2007, Ortiz made his internet debut with the launch of, a self-described "outspoken and intimate" website aimed at delivering personal messages about golf club design and forward-thinking technology, with enigmatic tales from Ortiz' life.

"For years I have connected one-on-one with golfers who receive real, personal satisfaction from the clubs that I design," said Ortiz. "Now — through this website — I can reach and interact with an even wider audience, yet still on a personal level. My goal is to create a forum that allows for the sharing and understanding of some of the most complex and intriguing issues facing today's golfers, golf companies and equipment designers."

Ortiz' current enterprise, The Bobby Jones Golf Company — which produces the award-winning Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz golf clubs — sponsors the blog, but does not control nor edit its content.

"As blogging and other forms of alternative communication continue to shape the way organizations posture themselves, Jesse offers a breath of fresh air with his respected, honest and genuine viewpoint on many of golf's hottest topics," said Walter J. Rosenthal, Chairman and CEO of the Bobby Jones Golf Company. "Whether you play with his clubs or not, you will benefit from and enjoy Jesse's hallowed and contrarian thoughts on the game."

In the Studio with Jesse Ortiz at will feature posts including Ortiz' recent rants, his favorite picks and links, along with a recent news archive and photo gallery. Additions to the blog may include Ortiz podcasts, a user forum and interactive question-and-answer sessions with Ortiz and other design-minded guests.

Visit In the Studio with Jesse Ortiz at, or to learn more about Ortiz' Bobby Jones golf clubs, click to


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