Maxpro Enhances the Pleasure of Safe Sex with New 3+1 Condom Packs

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Maxpro announces the release of its new 3+1 condom pack, available in four Maxpro styles: Original, Pure, Mint and Elite. Formulated to promote and enhance pleasure during safe sex, each 3+1 pack contains three Maxpro premium latex condoms and one Maxpro Vibrating Ring. Consumers can buy condoms online from Maxpro’s Web site.

With sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) on the rise in straight and gay communities, the most troublesome being syphilis, many healthcare professionals are trying to understand why safe sex isn’t being practiced. Condoms are preventative healthcare. When used consistently and correctly, they are an inexpensive and effective choice of protection from unwanted pregnancy and against the transmission of STDs and HIV/AIDS.

“When the use of a condom will prevent people from having to face the big nasty consequences of unprotected sex, why not practice safe sex? If it can be both safe and pleasurable and enjoyable, why risk embarrassment, health or quality of life? Experience the peace of mind provided by the use of the new 3+1 pack and other premium grade products by Maxpro,” says Mika Foss, social editor, Maxpro.

Maxpro offers the finest latex condoms on the market, designed to be comfortable and to improve sensitivity and performance. The vibrating ring by Maxpro allows for the seduction of pleasurable responses during foreplay and afterwards. Those interested in the products can take advantage of the current Maxpro holiday special on 3+1 packs.

In addition to providing products that demonstrate proven protection against STDs, Maxpro also offers the following ideas for enhancing safe sex.

Begin by preparing for an enjoyable time together. Instead of doing the typical grab and run at the nearest drugstore, take some time together and browse online for different styles of condoms, flavored lubes and vibrating rings. Enjoy the anticipation.

Incorporate condom use in foreplay. Put a pleasurable spin on safe oral sex; put a condom on using the mouth. This takes practice. Use flavored lubricants to enhance the experience.

Lovemaking can be sensual and fun. Use imagination and creativity to please one another. The gentle use of a Maxpro Vibrating Ring during foreplay can be highly arousing when applied to erogenous zones. Even more fun can be finding these zones. The vibrating ring can also be worn on the fingers.

Take advantage in lovemaking. A condom can help prolong intensity during the experience by prolonging orgasm. During extended sessions it is wise to periodically use a small dollop of lubrication on the exterior of the condom to prevent breakage.

Remember to use creativity and imagination to keep it fresh. Look for other methods and ideas for even more pleasurable experiences.

Practice safe sex every time. Consistent and proper condom use during any type of sex greatly reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of STDs and/or HIV/AIDS. When performing oral sex on a woman, a man should use a dental dam.

Maxpro Condoms are 100 percent electronically tested and are manufactured under strict Quality Assurance standards conforming with the World Health Organization, European Nation, ASTM and ISO standards (ISO 16038:2005-WHO1998-EN600). Onsite Quality Assurance is monitored both during and after the manufacturing process.

Every condom shipment arriving in the U.S.A. is tested and approved by the FDA before released for sale.

MAXPRO promotes healthy choices through education and information.

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