Media Publisher Debuts Next-Generation Live and On-Demand Video Webcast Solution for the Enterprise

Emeryville, California (EastBayDaily) — Media Publisher Inc., the leader in Enterprise Video Communications, announced today that it has released the latest version of its live and on-demand video software solution. With this latest release, Media Publisher makes it easier than ever for enterprises to inspire, educate and motivate their customers and employees using business video – whenever and wherever they need it.

Media Publisher's award-winning software solution now includes capability to perform Scheduled Rebroadcasts, allowing users to create automatic rebroadcasts of any video – live or on-demand – at any time. Media Publisher has also expanded its integration with VBrick, Media Publisher's partner in providing an integrated, end-to-end solution that empowers organizations to create, manage and distribute digital video. Media Publisher now supports both MPEG2 and MPEG4 video encoders from VBrick.

"A cornerstone of Enterprise Video Communications is the ability of business users – not just IT experts – to easily manage, archive and distribute video throughout the enterprise," said Rod Bacon, CEO of Media Publisher. "When businesses have this capability, they can use video to breathe life into everything from product announcements to company meetings. Media Publisher offers the power to simplify how companies use video, improving their competitive position as well as the bottom line."

Media Publisher's Enterprise Video Communications solution responds to the growing demand by businesses to reap the most benefits from corporate video. However, to create, distribute, manage and repurpose video, business users need to manage video-related tasks themselves, with minimal IT intervention. Enterprises also need reliable and secure ways to manage and distribute video, since they can't afford poor performance or logistical headaches.

The Next-Generation Enterprise Video Communications Solution Media Publisher's video software solution is designed to allow customers to remain flexible, simplifying how they engage thousands of viewers using live and on-demand video webcasts across corporate networks. Companies are not forced to use a specific technology, thus eliminating the need to build new interfaces or hire additional resources. Media Publisher is designed to deliver expansive functionality and benefits to business and technology teams alike, including an enterprise video platform and several applications for delivering and managing video across the enterprise:

Media Publisher Video Control Center™: Connects all components of the video infrastructure together, providing centralized control of video assets, the video network, reporting, and the display of video for end users (customized for their location and time zone). The VCC includes integration components for a vast array of third-party technologies, now expanded to include support for VBrick Systems MPEG encoders.

MP Live EventPro™: Manages live video webcasting in multiple formats including Windows Media and MPEG, and is scaleable to thousands of simultaneous viewers. A live event can be automatically rebroadcast in a simulated-live mode using Media Publisher's schedule rebroadcast capabilities.

MP LiveCaster™: Allows presenters to deliver enterprise video webcasts and capture and deliver slides, images, web pages and other documents directly from the desktop, with minimal assistance from IT.

MP VOD Manager™: Allows business users to easily publish their own video content, include closed captioning inserts, set access rights, and generate reports on viewer activity.

MP Digital Signage™: Creates RSS files for digital signage technologies and provides central management of content for all video outputs.

MP MediaNet™: Allows customers to leverage new or existing streaming media servers and create a tightly connected and fully managed live video webcast delivery network.

"In a competitive banking environment, innovative use of video has helped us attract new customers," said Lars Aarup Jensen, head of communications for Jyske Bank of Denmark. "With Media Publisher, we have been able to bring product videos straight to screens in our branches and our conference rooms, as well as live webcasts for the branch employees. It's a great way to engage and retain our customers."

About Media Publisher, Inc. Media Publisher is the only company to offer a complete software solution that centrally manages the video communications lifecycle, simplifying how organizations create, publish, manage, report, and deliver thousands of live and on-demand webcasts securely across private networks. The power of Media Publisher stems from its unique platform designed to work with existing video, storage, and distribution components, providing a single management system for the enterprise. Customers worldwide, including eBay, AT&T, Capital One, Lockheed Martin, Lamar University and Jyske Bank, rely on Media Publisher and its award-winning commitment to customer value. Visit for more information.


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