Medical Tourism Company WorldMed Assist Announces Its Promise to Patients

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — WorldMed Assist, a medical tourism facilitator, announced today its Promise to Patients, Employees and the Industry. While endorsing the Guidelines on Medical Tourism announced this week by the American Medical Association, WorldMed Assist’s Promises puts an even firmer stake in the ground on several issues, such as an unambiguous refusal to play any role where a requested procedure conflicts with North American morality, such as surrogate pregnancies and transplants involving purchased organs.

In issuing these Promises, WorldMed Assist CEO Wouter Hoeberechts said that the explosive growth of the medical tourism industry has brought a lot of new players onto the field and he wanted his patients, employees and industry partners to have a very clear picture of what to expect, and what not to expect, regarding all aspects of their medical travel.

“We endorse the AMA guidelines issued this week,” said Hoeberechts, “but we needed a much more detailed, robust set of principles that would help patients know who we are and how we work on their behalf. We even spell out that we’d decline their business if they are better served by NOT traveling for care. We also tell them that their overseas medical experience is only one part of the picture–that we address their after-care with as much concern as their overseas care.”

WorldMed Assist also puts plainly on the table that the tourism aspect of his company is clearly trumped by full and complete recovery. “We won’t make arrangements for a patient to tour around their destination country until the medical team has given complete sign-off,” he explained. “Most of our patients travel for serious surgery and aren’t that interested in touring. They need to get their medical needs taken care of so they can get on with a healthier life and get back to work.”

WorldMed Assist has always held fast to full transparency of risks and costs with each patient. “They get a detailed bill before they leave home, and there are never any hidden charges. That’s always been the case; we just felt we should have it in writing,” he said.

The Promises also give voice to WorldMed Assist’s vow to keep patients in the center of every decision made about their care, such as which country, which hospital and which surgeon will best meet individual preferences, medical conditions and financial needs. “One patient could have had his hip resurfacing surgery for less money and equal quality in one country, but chose to pay more to go to Belgium because of the difference in flight times and his own comfort level staying within Europe.”

About WorldMed Assist WorldMed Assist’s mission is to improve lives by helping patients receive high quality medical treatment at international facilities at affordable prices. WorldMed Assist coordinates and simplifies every aspect of global health care and serves as a patient advocate. Our patient testimonials consistently applaud the quality of service they receive from WorldMed Assist.


Robbie Neely
WorldMed Assist