MEDICC Review Publishes “Learning from Cuban Primary Health Care”

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) today published a MEDICC Review journal issue on the timely theme "Learning from Cuban Primary Health Care". The only English-language journal focusing on Cuban health and medicine, the new MEDICC Review issue includes original research, features, and commentary from Cuban health professionals on the front lines of Cuba’s primary health care network.

Universal health care, based on prevention and delivered by neighborhood doctor-and-nurse teams and community polyclinics, helps resolve the majority of Cubans’ health problems.

“As implementation of the Affordable Care Act begins, proven strategies for promoting good health while keeping down costs will be critical; examples from other countries, including Cuba, can provide valuable lessons,” said Gail Reed, Executive Editor of MEDICC Review. “Cuba’s community-centered, preventive, primary care approach helps it achieve health indicators on par with developed nations, including our own, at a much lower cost. Yet, as reflected in our pages, there is more to do, and much more to be researched and published.”

“Learning from Cuban Primary Health Care” includes these articles and more:

Poliomyelitis and its Elimination in Cuba–An Historical Overview–Cuba's successful immunization campaign in 1962 included: 3,000 instructors who in turn taught 50,000 volunteer health officers, 30,000 media messages before vaccinations began, and 5 million doses of polio vaccine administered in the first year.

Primary Care Forward: Raising the Profile of Cuba's Nursing Profession–The evolution of Cuba’s family nurses, integral to the family doctor-and-nurse teams that serve as the foundation for the country’s primary health care system.

Diabetes Risk in a Cuban Primary Care Setting in Persons with No Known Glucose Abnormalities–Predicting diabetes risk in primary care.

Cuban Publishing on Primary Health Care: An Inexcusable Absence–The lack of published Cuban research in primary health care despite its successes and the large numbers of potential authors—48.5% of Cuban health professionals are dedicated to primary care.

MEDICC Review is an open-access peer-reviewed journal. Full-text articles of current and past issues may be freely viewed and downloaded at

Since 1997, MEDICC’s mission has been to enhance cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes. MEDICC produced the feature length film ¡Salud! and publishes the MEDLINE-indexed journal MEDICC Review. MEDICC supports research in Cuba by US health professionals, practice in US underserved communities by US students and graduates of Havana’s Latin American Medical School, and organizes Community Partnerships for Health Equity to improve health care and access in communities such as South Los Angeles and Oakland, California, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. See:


Jeannie Barbieri-Low
Medical Education Cooperation With Cuba

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