Meebo Launches Real-Time Content Promotion Service for Websites

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Meebo, a social media company that reaches over 115 million people monthly, today launched a real-time notifications service for web sites as a new feature of the Meebo Bar. Publishers can now promote content via notifications in real time to move traffic around their site, direct users to fresh content, and keep site visitors informed with instant short messages. The result is increased engagement via a lightweight new programming option for publishers. Adweek is the first site to show off the new functionality of the latest Meebo Bar on

The release marks the ninth major update Meebo has made to its Meebo Bar, which is used by over 150 leading online publishers today, and 3000+ websites via Meebo’s self-serve offering at The Meebo Bar comprises a lightweight suite of social applications, including drag-and-drop sharing, custom buttons and bar programming options, instant messaging, integrated advertising and promotional platform, and starting today, a real-time notifications service.

Adweek plans to use Meebo’s new service to further enable readers to keep on top of the latest happenings in the advertising world, from online video advertising to the latest funny TV commercials. Via the Meebo Bar, can easily promote fresh content on the site by pushing content through Meebo’s notifications engine. Each new piece of content is highlighted with a “toast” notification on the Meebo Bar, and when activated, a custom Adweek menu rises vertically to show what’s new. The user can then click to visit that highlighted article or section.

“Meebo’s new real-time notifications service will help readers connect to Adweek content as the story develops, and as the news breaks – at a level of immediacy in line with the pace of the advertising industry,” said Lisa Sullivan-Cross, VP, Online for Adweek.

Meebo is offering individual Web sites a way to push real-time content promotions, messages, pictures, links, and other media to their own audiences via a simple interface on the Meebo Dashboard (, or via the new Meebo Promotions API. The Meebo Bar can also include real-time notifications for updates to RSS feeds via PubSubHubbub. Support for other protocols is planned.

“With our latest updates to the Meebo Bar, we’ve taken a big step forward in bridging the gap between the promise and the reality of social media. When publishers can communicate with their audiences at the precise moment they have updates, or new content, Meebo brings content owners even closer to their audiences,” said Seth Sternberg, CEO and Founder, Meebo. “This new service aligns with the goals of our partners: greater opportunities for traffic growth, revenue, and user engagement.”

With more customizable features than ever, the new Meebo Bar is simple and quick for publishers to implement. For more information about ways to work with Meebo, and how to get the latest version of the Meebo Bar, please visit

About Meebo With over 115 million people sharing over 6 billion messages and 75 million links every month, Meebo is one of the Web’s fastest growing social media companies. Founded in September 2005, Meebo enables real-time social interactions with instant messaging at and on partner sites across the Web. Over 150 leading publishers use Meebo for their sites. Partners running Meebo measure increases in social sharing, audience growth, engagement, and revenue. Meebo is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.


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