Merill+® Card Added to the FIA Card Services Credit Card Offers of Special Offer for Balance Transfers

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — One more way people can save money thanks to the addition of a Merill Lynch credit card with a special offer on balance transfers added to the card listings provided by American’s are carrying around thousands of dollars in credit card debt, and typically paying high interest rates on that hefty balance, making it impossible to pay it off. Credit Card Flyers is constantly looking for additional ways to help consumers save money; and has already assisted thousands of individuals and business owners in finding credit cards with lower interest rates and balance transfer options that help them save considerable amounts of money per month.

Many credit card users get trapped into extremely high interest payments on the balance they owe. Once introductory periods end, or a payment is sent in late, most credit card issuers hike up the interest rates they charge consumers. The good news is people do not have to accept the higher rates – and with just a little shopping around it is possible to find credit cards with better offers that will save money and enable faster repayment of credit card balances – like the Merill+ ® Card from FIA Card Services on This credit card is offering an incredibly low interest rate of just 1.9% for the first twelve months on all transferred balances. makes it easy for consumers to find this special offer, as well as other balance transfer offers among FIA Card Services and numerous other credit card issuers by providing comprehensive details of the various balance transfer rates, annual fees and additional card features, which can all be found at a glance.

The addition of the Merill Lynch Credit Card to resulted in 3 credit cards issued through FIA Card Services currently available on the site, as well as more than 70 credit cards all offering balance transfer offers to help people save on existing debt.

Jamie Green, a recent college graduate from Massachusetts, says, “I graduated from college with over $9,000 in credit card debt. Most of the cards were charging me over 18% interest, and my payments were barely covering the interest I was being charged each month! I needed a something like the Merill Lynch credit card to help me get control of my debt- and to allow more of my monthly payments to go towards the principal balance than the interest. I actually found two really great FIA Card Services credit cards on that were perfect for my needs, and was able to securely apply in just a few minutes right from the website.” offers an unbiased comparison among a large variety of credit cards in multiple categories to help both individuals and business owners get the most out of the credit card you apply for. People can quickly and easily apply for any credit card, including the Merill Lynch credit card with the balance transfer offer, that most closely matches the need for transferring balances by clicking on a link to a secure online application through the credit card issuer’s own website.

While there are numerous credit card web sites available, most focus on promotional offers for new purchases or for rewards programs. aims to bring value to consumers who already have debt by having an entire category of credit cards devoted to balance transfer offers.

In addition to the comprehensive balance transfer credit card portion and listings by card issuer, including FIA Card Services on; the site also offers an easy-to-search section for business credit cards, including the ability to search by specific interest rates, rewards programs, instant approval cards and student credit cards. As with the balance transfer credit card section, consumers can quickly compare among various cards in order to obtain the credit card that best matches their unique spending and credit needs.

When in the market for an FIA Card Services credit card, like the Merill Lynch credit card with the balance transfer offer, should be the first stop.


Leo Chu
B2C Online Inc.