Millions Will Run Out of Cell Power While Standing in Line on Black Friday but New Trent Owners Won’t

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Millions of consumers will run out of smartphone and tablet power this Black Friday weekend while standing in line and shopping at stores across America—except for those that are equipped with portable smart chargers from New Trent, a leader in digital device backup power. The company is running a Black Friday sale and offering 30% off of three of its most popular battery products at for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry accessories that can extend power by as much as much as 6 times the device’s capacity (IMP120D, IMP99D, IMP210B).

New Trent is a Fremont, CA-based manufacturer of mobile accessories and a trusted supplier of Li-ion polymer batteries used in leading electronics products. The company’s most popular power product, the iCarrier, is a portable unit that charges two devices simultaneously and provides up to 6 times factory battery life for the iPhone 5 and Android Galaxy S2 and 1-2 times factory battery life for other Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. Using the code 3BLACKFRIDAY at New Trent’s online store, consumers will be able to save 30% on the iCarrier during the company’s weekend sale as well as on other products.

“Demand for backup power has surged since the tragic events of Superstorm Sandy and charging accessories are expected to be a big gift item this holiday season, whether you’re purchasing one for emergency use or just buying one to stay charged throughout the day.” notes Johnson Jeng of New Trent. “Our Black Friday sale offers our popular items at an unprecedented low price that makes backup power affordable for every road warrior, office worker and family member.”


New Trent is a Fremont, CA based designer and manufacturer of mobile accessories. Consumers depend on New Trent to power their business-critical mobile and tablet devices. New Trent is recognized around the world for its exceptional products, premium customer service, and competitive prices. The company has grown tremendously in the past 5 years and now ready to once again wow the world with its new line of products releasing Q1 of 2013. New Trent is certified by Apple Inc. and is under Apple’s Made For iPhone program with some products. All of New Trent’s devices are developed with simplicity and usability in mind. For corporate and media, product testing or reviews contact Johnson Jeng at johnson.jeng(at)newtrent(dot)com


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