Miss Medical Marijuana Modelling Competition Welcomes Contestants In Efforts To Bring Legalization Movement Mainstream

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — While the name might sound strange to those who don’t yet know what it signifies, the cause is quite real and the people behind it are doing whatever it takes to bring the movement mainstream on an international scale. By launching the Miss Medical Marijuana contest, the staff at PencilMethod.com hope to strike the interest of men and women who wouldn’t under normal circumstances necessarily take the time out of their day to show interest in the cause.

“The female image has been key to the advertising industry for a very long time, so we thought it would be genius to combine two things people love: woman and pot, in order to provide people with something that they’ll hopefully want to pass around to their friends, thus spreading the word about the legalization movement,” a representative from the PencilMethod.com staff said.

The magazine is currently accepting contestant entries and has announced that this will continue until the entry deadline of this coming April 1st, at which point the public will be able to begin voting for who they feel is the hottest Miss Medical Marijuana, with the voting deadline being April 20th, International Weed Day. The people behind this magazine hope that word about this contest will spread virally through Facebook and other social media postings by giving the public something racy to enjoy.

PencilMethod.com is one of the pioneers of Marijuana Legalization on the internet and plans on leading several major social media campaigns in the near future, which should result in a much greater public awareness of the topic. In addition to being major proponents of the legalization movement, they also information to educate any average joe into a becoming a “homegrown” cultivation expert.

For more information or to participate in the contest, visit PencilMethod.com’s Miss Medical Marijuana page today.

About PencilMethod.com:

PencilMethod.com is the fastest growing Medical Marijuana magazine to date. Based primarily in Amsterdam, the wonder of the internet allows this magazine to be run by several lifetime supporters of the legalization movement across the globe. The magazine features the latest cannabis related news as well as educational guides and legal assistance. It has plans for major expansion in the near future. PencilMethod.com currently boasts a readership of over ten thousand visitors per day.


Mario Lafleur
Pencil Method Medical Marijuana News Magazine