MIT Graduate Unveils New Learning Strategy

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Ever since the inception of educational software, developers have struggled to find a solution to this very simple question: How do you create an effective learning program that also succeeds in engaging the vast majority of all students? Historically, learning systems that integrate gaming are either not fun enough to consistently engage the end user, or the educational benefit is lacking.

Today has announced a novel solution to this problem: A state-of-the-art video game linked with a learning system that can unlock some of the game’s most desirable features. This results in students that are very motivated to use the learning system so that they can get further along in the video game. You now have the engagement that only a video game can provide, but you also have the educational effectiveness that only a learning system can provide. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s available now.

The MathScore EduFighter math game is a brand new browser-based game that features a battle between two spaceships. EduFighter features a single-player “story mode” as well as an exciting multiplayer mode that supports up to 4 vs. 4, real-time, player vs. player action. Each ship is equipped with a variety of offensive and defensive capabilities, and each of these game skills starts at level 1, and can be upgraded as high as level 5. Higher level skills are more effective than lower level skills, but they also require the student to answer more difficult math problems. As each student becomes better at math, the student becomes more effective at EduFighter.

The hybrid edugaming twist is the fact that higher level game skills are initially locked. For example, in order to unlock torpedoes level 3, the student must log into MathScore’s learning system and master a variety of math topics that focus on both the critical understanding of multiplication as well as quick recall of math facts (aka “times tables”). Because level 3 torpedoes are significantly more effective than level 2 torpedoes, students have a very strong incentive to study their multiplication skills in MathScore. Students will now treat MathScore’s learning system as a purposeful extension of the game.

“Early testing of MathScore EduFighter with a select set of schools has confirmed that we have a real hit on our hands,” said Steven Yang, CEO of Accurate Learning Systems Corporation. “In multiple anonymous surveys, approximately 80% of the students that have played it rated the game as awesome, which implies that boys and girls alike are loving it. It will be a joy to watch the educational gains made by students in the 2013-2014 school year.”

To see MathScore EduFighter in action, visit The price for individual families starts at $9.95/month.

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