Mogees Launches Innovative Mobile Billing Solution and Android SDK Beta, Announces $1 Million Free Payment Processing Promotion

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Mogees announced the official launch of the Mogees mobile billing platform, along with the Mogees Payment SDK Beta for the Android, paving the way for easy monetization for Android application developers worldwide. The Mogees SDK allows mobile application developers to easily offer various free trial forms of their applications and get paid straight from mobile phones. In addition to their Android SDK, Mogees will soon release SDKs for the iPhone and Blackberry platforms. Mogees was founded by two early employees of PayPal who met back in 2000.

“We are very excited about our Payment SDK release, which provides the thousands of Android developers around the world an easy way to start making money from their apps,” said David Li, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mogees. “We are the first mobile billing solution designed specifically with the application developer in mind. Mogees SDK is flexible and very easy to integrate. For the mobile consumer, the payment experience is integrated with the application, straight on the mobile device, which results in higher payment conversion.”

As a special thank you to their beta developers, Mogees announced a $1 million free payment processing promotion for the first one thousand developers who sign up. Eligible developers will be able to use Mogees to process payments for free through the end of the year. Promotion details can be found at

Mogees is designed to optimize the consumer buying experience. Consumers have the options of paying with credit cards or via their PayPal accounts. Because Mogees is part of the mobile application, the buying experience feels seamless with the rest of the application. In addition, Mogees is able to securely identify the mobile device to enable fast and easy payments in as little as one click.    

About Mogees: Mogees was founded by early employees of PayPal, a popular online payment service acquired by eBay. Launched in 2008, Mogees provides a mobile billing solution for mobile application developers. More information about Mogees can be found at


David Li