Monsam Enterprises Announces an Exclusive Roll Out to Expand its Innovative Portable Science Lab Reseller Program

Antioch, California (EastBayDaily) — Monsam Enterprises has been manufacturing and selling portable sinks globally for the last 10 years. By entering the market with its state-of-the-art portable science lab, schools now have the opportunity to expand and utilize their classrooms in a much more effective manner than in the past. Portable science lab workstations provide a mobile and effective alternative to the traditional science classroom setting. These science labs also allow for the growing number of students in classrooms that do not have enough equipment, or if the equipment is outdated.

Monsam’s science labs are fully equipped. Each workstation provides a large sink, hot and cold running water, a portable butane micro burner, and a countertop that is both chemical and heat resistant. There is an option for a gas fixture at an additional charge. The portable science lab can be connected to any standard power outlet. Both the built-in electric water pump and heater provide running water without requiring any additional plumbing. Since making the best use of space in a classroom is important, the portable science lab also features a fold-down table, allowing it to fit through a standard single door. Safety casters lock the unit in place. Science experiments can be transported to any location the user requires them to be.

The portable science labs from Monsam are constructed with cutting-edge technology, using high-grade polymers instead of the traditional wood that aging schools still have in their classrooms. Since there is no wood laminate, there is no rotting. The polymer also provides an antimicrobial protection on the counter top. Such care to construction makes these science lab workstations ideal for students and faculty. These portable units can be utilized indoors and out. Monsam also makes an ADA accessible portable science lab assuring that any student or worker in a wheelchair can take part in a science activities. In any setting, Monsam’s portable sink can be used to complement the science lab as an additional hand washing station.

Monsam has already seen much success with its reseller program of portable sinks in schools, hospitals, restaurants, and catering companies. With over 40 models available

to choose from and outstanding customer service, resellers of portable sinks and science labs enjoy high-level customer relations with a reliable product and trustworthy company behind them. Resellers can offer free customization to the consumer. Monsam is proud to have many models of portable sinks NSF certified. The portable sink can also be used in schools settings, as an additional hand washing station. For more information on Monsam Enterprises portable science labs and sinks, visit

The Monsam reseller program offers its partners a high margin. There is no inventory to have on hand as the manufacturer will drop ship the portable science lab to the customer. There is also no handling cost of the product for the reseller, simply take the order and Monsam takes care of getting the product to the customer. Many laboratories, fieldworkers, and schools are enjoying the wide range of benefits that the Monsam portable science lab can provide. While there is high demand, Monsam Enterprises can sign up only a few exclusive resellers for this program. To be selected, contact Monsam’s reseller program administrator at 800 513-8562.


Amy Mosis
MONSAM Enterprises, Inc.