Monsam Enterprises Announces Three New Science Lab Portable Sink Models

Antioch, California (EastBayDaily) — Monsam Enterprises, the company that first offered the portable sink, announces their new science lab portable sink models. The new models are aimed at giving teachers and those conducting experiments and demonstrations the ability to move around, whether indoors or outdoors. The three new science lab portable sink models are the ADA Accessible Portable Science Lab and two different Portable Science Lab Workstations.

“Our new science lab portable sink models are already a big success,” explains Joseph Mosis, the president of Monsam Enterprises ( “They give teachers and students the flexibility they need to conduct their science experiments anywhere even outside. For many students, this is just what they have been waiting for.”

The three new self-contained science lab portable sink models feature hot and cold running water, a portable butane micro burner, and a chemical-resistant counter top. The Portable Science Lab Workstations have been designed to allow five students at a time, along with the teacher, to conduct hands-on science experiments. These science labs portable sink models work with a standard power outlet, have a built-in water pump, and provide hot running water. The stainless steel sinks are designed to be durable and allow for easy clean-up.

The ADA Accessible Portable Science Lab has been designed to provide comfortable access for those with limited mobility.

MONSAM also offers a science lab portable sink with a storage area allowing teachers and students an extra space to secure their supply and materials.

The third science lab model that MONSAM offers allows several students to explore the science world whether they prefer to work inside a classroom or outside in the open air.

These science lab portable sink models have been designed to be not only durable and cost effective but also foldable, so that they would save space and easy to move around.

Since the science lab portable sinks are on wheels, they can easily be moved from classroom to classroom, or wherever one needs to set up. Their ability to provide hot and cold water capabilities means that they are not limited as to what they can be used for.

“With the new school year underway, many science teachers will be looking for convenient yet effective ways to reach their students,” added Mr. Mosis. “At Monsam Enterprises, we have made it our mission to help the teachers by providing tools that will make their job easier. The science lab portable sink is one of those effective tools.”

These science lab portable sink models can also be customized, so that people get exactly what they need. Through customization, options that can be added include changing dimensions, sink and countertop options, and such things as a motion sensor, soap dispenser, electric foot switch, and more.

In addition to the science lab portable sink models, Monsam Enterprises also offers over 15,000 unique portable-sink combinations. They also offer a customization tool that can be used on all portable science labs and portable sinks. Complete customization is a free service that allows customers to choose the number of basins they need, as well as tank sizes and add-on tools. Monsam is a leader in satisfying the portable-sink needs of those in restaurants, hair salons, commercial enterprises, and childcare facilities.

About Monsam Enterprises: Monsam Enterprises, located in Antioch, Calif., was founded 12 years ago by Joseph Mosis. The company created the portable sink and has built an exemplary reputation by providing consumers with variety, customization options, and excellent customer service. Their portable sinks are unique in that they are durable, made of quality materials, and can be completely customized to meet the customer’s needs. To learn more about Monsam Enterprises, visit the website at


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