Monsam Enterprises Announces Tips for Choosing a Self-Contained Portable Sink

Antioch, California (EastBayDaily) — Portable sinks allow people to take their sink anywhere, set it up outdoor at events and shows, or use it anywhere they need it .Choosing a portable sink, however, may leave many wondering what to look for. Monsam Enterprises, the company that has been building portable sinks for the last 12 years, has a list of what buyers should look for when deciding which portable science lab makes the ideal choice.

“This is an important purchase, one that is going to last for years to come,” explains Joseph Mosis, the president of Monsam Enterprises ( “Because of this, you don’t want to rush to grab anything. Instead, you want to look at a variety of factors to ensure that you get the most for your money, and that it will provide what you need.”

Here are five things to look for when choosing a portable sink :

1.    Customization. Everyone needs something different in their portable sink. Be sure to seek customization, in order to get exactly what will maximize its effectiveness. Start by determining what is required to meet your needs, whether it is the number of basins, the dimensions, the color or the kind of faucet you need and then work with the company to make it happen. 2.    Quality. The portable sink you purchase has to be manufactured according to a high quality standards to meet your satisfaction otherwise the investment will be short-lived. It is important to make sure that the company has a reputation for producing quality products that provide longevity and quality. 3.    Cost. It is important to keep cost in mind, and ensure that the portable sink meets your budget, but it is necessary to get all of your needs met, as well. 4.    Customer service. Always seek out a company that has a reputation for providing good customer service. That way, they will be eager to please their customers before and after the sale, which will provide the customer with peace of mind and ensures quality technical and customer support for the life of the sink. 5.    Warranty. Before buying any portable sink , be sure that it comes with a warranty. A good rule of thumb is to have one-year warranty, so that any defective issues can be identified and addressed with ease.

“Doing your homework before purchasing a portable sink is always the best way to go,” added Mosis. “It will ensure that you get what you need, at a fair price, and that it will be a lasting, quality product. That’s exactly what we at Monsam Enterprises specialize in.”

Monsam Enterprises offers an extended number of unique portable-sink combinations, as well providing complete free customization. Consumers can customize everything from the number of basins and tank sizes to adding on sprayers and motion sensor. Monsam Also provides many other portable-sink needs, including those in restaurants, hair salons, commercial enterprises, and childcare facilities.

About Monsam Enterprises: Monsam Enterprises, located in Antioch, Calif., was founded 12 years ago by Joseph Mosis. The company created the portable sink and has built an exemplary reputation by providing consumers with variety, customization options, and excellent customer service. Their portable sinks are unique in that they are durable, made of quality materials, and can be completely customized to meet the customer’s needs. To learn more about Monsam Enterprises, visit the website at


Amy Mosis
MONSAM Enterprises, Inc.