Monsam Enterprises, Launches a New Department Offering Complete Portable Sink Customization that Offers Customers the Flexibility to Order their own Special Sink

Antioch, California (EastBayDaily) — Monsam Enterprises new custmization department offers customers new features and flexibility in customizzing their own portable sink using Their Online Tool. MONSAM makes the customization of portable sinks simple and affordable with their online application. Those seeking portable sinks, regardless of the type of service or field in which they will be used, can simply log onto their website – and go through the customization steps to create the exact portable sink they need. This tool makes it easy for everyone to obtain a mobile sink that will meet their requirements.

“Not everyone needs the same type of sink. We realize that, which is why we have placed such a high emphasis on our customization option,” explains Joseph Mosis, the president of Monsam Enterprises ( “Our mission is to create the portable sink that will be perfect for each person, and we realize that everyone has different needs, tastes, and budgets.” Monsam Enterprises’ design-your-own-portable-sink tool allows users to simply click through the steps needed to create their perfect sink. Consumers choose everything, including dimensions, panel color, type of countertop, and more. Upgrades can be chosen, as well, including stainless steel, anti-bacterial countertop, and aluminum.

Sinks can also be designed to have a single, double or triple basin, with tank sizes ranging from 5 to 250 gallons. There is also a list of optional available accessories, including a water filter, garden hose, electric foot switch, motion sensor, folding cart, cutting board, drinking fountain, soap dispenser, and pull-out hose sprayer, among others.

Customized portable sinks have become a mainstay for those working in variety of fields, including childcare facilities, hair salons, and restaurants, among others. They are used in portable science labs, and in a variety of commercial settings, providing hot-water portable hand-washing and water capabilities.

“We already have 40 designed models that may fit the needs of those needing a mobile sink,” added Mosis. “But the customization option ensures that people will get the portable sink or portable hand-washing station that helps them get the job done, and done correctly.”

About Monsam Enterprises: Monsam Enterprises, located in Antioch, Calif., was founded 12 years ago by Joseph Mosis. The company created the portable sink and has built an exemplary reputation by providing consumers with variety, customization options, and excellent customer service. Their portable sinks are unique in that they are durable, made of quality materials, and can be completely customized to meet the customer’s needs. To learn more about Monsam Enterprises, visit the website at


Amy Mosis
MONSAM Enterprises, Inc.