Monvera Glass Décor Helps Waugh Cellars Find a Unique Solution to Improve Bottling Line Efficiency

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — Monvera Glass Décor, a leading provider of screen printed labels is promoting the use paperless labels as a way to improve efficiency on the bottling line. Rather than the conventional method of applying a paper label when the wine is bottled, the process of screen printing puts the label directly on the glass bottle before filling. The bottle arrives on the bottling line with the label already applied, saving time, reducing bottling costs and eliminating waste.

"Screen printing on bottles provides a clear benefit that is often overlooked. The bottling line runs a lot more efficiently when you don’t have to worry about the application of the paper label. That efficiency translates into saved time and money,” says Caitriona Anderson, Monvera’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “We encourage our customers to consider this cost saving when they are making a decision regarding printing on glass bottles."

Waugh Cellars reaped double the benefit when they decided to use both a screen printed label and screen printed the neck design on their wine bottle. In addition to omitting the need to apply the paper label on the bottling line, they were also able to eliminate the need for a foil capsule. “When we decided to forgo the use of foil capsules, instead opting for screen printed necks, the bottlers really loved us,” said Crystal Waugh, Director of Sales. “Less moving parts equal a more efficient production process.”

It’s not just brands that recognize the efficiencies. Mobile bottlers also welcome this new way of labeling bottles. According to Bill Hamlin, Owner, Custom Bottling Company in WA, “Many issues can exist with the application of paper labels on the bottling line. We’ve lost many hours of bottling in the past. Unfortunately that results in extended bottling time and pushes up our costs.”

For a video overview of Waugh Cellars innovative bottle, click here.

About Monvera Glass Décor: Monvera provides industry leading glass decoration services such as screen printing, bottle etching and decals to the wine & spirits, beer, cosmetics, specialty food and beverage industries. Clients include Boisset Family Estates, Frank-Lin Distillers, Garrett Markenson Coiffure and Veronica Foods. To learn more about Monvera, visit

About Waugh Cellars: Founded in 2001, Waugh Cellars is a Napa Valley based winery producing over 3,500 cases of award winning wine, annually. Current varietals produced include Russian River Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Zinfandel, Santa Barbara Riesling and a Meritage. Waugh Cellars is owned and operated by winemaker Ryan Waugh and his wife Crystal. To learn more about Waugh Cellars, visit

About Custom Bottling Company: Custom Bottling Company is a mobile bottling company operating out of Benton City, WA. They provide flexible bottling solutions to small lot wineries. Custom Bottling Company is owned and managed by Bill Hamlin. To learn more about Custom Bottling Company, visit


Brent Bamberger