Most Travelers Stay Home for Valentine’s Day, but Look for Hookups on the Road

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — GeckoGo, the fastest growing source of unique travel content announced the results of their survey of 2042 travelers worldwide. Sixty percent of travelers plan to stay home for Valentines, opting for gestures of affection such as handwritten notes. On the road, friendships are an active part of the traveling experience.

Travelers plan to stay home this Valentine’s day Sixty percent of travelers plan to stay home for Valentine ‘s Day. Of those who plan to travel, 76% plan to go somewhere local. Twenty-three percent are still undecided on their Valentine’s Day plans.

A weekend getaway is considered the ideal valentine date Thirty-eight percent of travelers consider a weekend getaway to be the ideal date, followed by 17% who prefer a day getaway. Thirteen percent opt for a dinner and movie while a further 12% prefer a home-cooked dinner.

Hookups happen on the road Fifty-one percent of travellers have hooked up while traveling, with a higher percentage of males (57%) hooking up versus females (48%).

…and permanent relationships form Twenty-two percent of travelers met their partner while traveling. Americans are less likely to meet their partners while traveling, at 14%.

Friendships are lasting A large majority of travelers – 81% have stayed in touch with people they met while traveling. Travelers between 18-34 are the most likely to keep in touch, with 20% keeping in touch with many friends, and 63% staying in touch with a few.

Familiar faces are found abroad Sixty-three percent of travelers have run into people that they already knew while abroad. Travelers aged 45-54 were the most likely to run into familiar faces, with 72% having done so.

Travelers are willing to visit strangers Fifty-one percentage of respondents have gone to visit someone they have never met before, with more males (56%) willing to make that trip than females (47%). Travelers between the age of 45-54 were the most likely to make this trip with 61% saying they had gone to visit a stranger.

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Pokin Yeung