Mulroy Consulting Group Formed to Serve the Global Animal Health Industry

Union City, California (EastBayDaily) — Mulroy Consulting Group LLC was launched today to provide services to animal health manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Services include but are not limited to; new product launches, sales channel identification, channel contracting and management, distribution training and development, sourcing new products, new product development, business development and identifying / developing collaborative ventures in the industry.

Its principle, Martin Mulroy, had most recently served as Chief Commercial Officer for Abaxis Inc., ultimately responsible for all sales, marketing, business development, and clinical services, as well as administrative / customer and technical service functions of the Animal Health business in North America, including its wholly owned subsidiary, Abaxis Veterinary Reference Laboratories (AVRL). Prior to his almost 16 years building the animal health business at Abaxis, Martin Mulroy spent 14 years in various roles working alongside medical distribution in the sales, marketing and promotion of various healthcare devices, laboratory instrumentation and point of care laboratory products benefiting MD’s, hospitals, the public health sector and laboratory professionals.

The company has now contracted with various affiliates having extensive animal health industry expertise so as to broaden the consulting services it is now offering. The company intends to become the leading worldwide provider of management consulting services in the industry.


Martin Mulroy, President