Murline Monat, Castro Valley Neighborhoods Resource, Comments on California 2015 Housing Forecast

Castro Valley, California (EastBayDaily) — Early in October, the California Association of Realtors® (C.A.R.) released their 2015 California Housing Market Forecast.(1) “The forecast is very conservative,” noted Castro Valley, CA real estate agent Murline Monat. The projected increase in sales and leveling of prices has Ms. Monat, “cautiously optimistic.”

Ms. Monat also said, “C.A.R. is projecting an almost 6% increase in number of homes sold over 2014. I concur that more buyers will be willing to jump in to the housing market as an investment and to commit to purchasing a home as their savings increase. In addition to budgeting and savings, FHA lending programs can help decrease down payment requirements, and lenders can further assist by easing some financing guidelines.” Ms. Monat did express reservations about how many California buyers may be willing to leap into the housing market based on those conditions alone. “As a state-wide number, I’m sure a 5.8% increase is reasonable, I am uncertain that it will apply to the all Bay Area counties specifically.”

Ms. Monat feels modest price appreciation for 2015, showing a leveling off of pricing from 2014 and from prior year double-digit increases will improve affordability. Bay Area prices are preventing many from buying. Fortunately for entry-level buyers, higher prices have discouraged investors. Entry-level buyers also compete with those choosing to downsize. However, buyers that carefully budget expenses, continue to save and select finance programs such as FHA, along with a willingness to compromise on their amenities, will be able to purchase a home and look forward to home equity gains.

Housing starts are critical to the growth of a healthy housing economy. Realtors must be the resource to move the economics of home buying forward. Ms. Monat prides herself on offering homes for sale in Castro Valley, such as 5964 Skyfarm Drive, at prices that offer a “win” to both the seller and the buyer.

“My hope is that lenders will continue to relax credit requirements and that rates will continue to stay below 5% – as forecasted. That will truly encourage home shoppers to become home buyers,” concluded Ms. Monat.

About Murline Monat, Realtor®

A long-time Bay Area resident, Murline brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her realty career – including an M.S in Industrial Psychology, building her own home, and group facilitation. Her background makes her an excellent champion for her clients. By ensuring her clients are appropriately informed throughout the purchasing or selling process, coordinating all the parties involved, and negotiating the best deal, Murline’s reputation in the community and realty industry is impeccable.

Before becoming a realtor in 2009, Murline Monat spent her time analyzing sales trends for both large corporations and small businesses. The difference between retail sales trends and real estate trends are minimal and she is able to support her clients in one of the most important lifestyle choices they will make. These decisions “bring great comfort and satisfaction to individuals and to families. I love being a part of that process.”

A Bay Area resident since the age of 5, Murline and her husband made Castro Valley their home because of its central location for both of their careers at the time. While a practical choice, the decision to live in Castro Valley has always been a happy one.

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