is Proud to Announce the Launch of MuscleBags Exercise Sandbags

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — MuscleBags sandbags add a breath of fresh air to most exercise programs. They are unique in that they will change their form as you lift them. Unlike many other training tools, it is almost impossible to develop a specific groove for any lift. This makes sandbag training challenging since every repetition will be different.

Compact and easy to store makes MuscleBags perfect for anyone on a budget or with limited storage space. They would be ideal for a dorm room or hotel workout. Because they are simple, economical, safe, and effective it’s no wonder that many people have replaced their barbells & dumbbells with sandbags.

Greater trunk and grip strength can be developed with MuscleBags sandbags. The dynamic nature of sandbag training forces you to use different grips depending on the exercise. This also helps prevent developing the calluses you get with iron weights. MuscleBags can also be used to perform rotational exercises that place the body into ranges of motion that would normally only occur while playing sports.

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Jeff` Newman