Mutant Innovation Group Announces Additions to Product Line

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Mutant Innovation Group announced today the latest lineup of products for the season. The company specializes in innovative products that are about high-performance at a great value and very competitive price-point. The marketplace asked and Mutant answered with this great suite of new additions to the line-up. The products are (or will be, based on release date) available at and in time for the holiday shopping season.

Bluetooth Headphones The over-the-ear headphones provide great audio and freedom from being tethered to the source. They will work with all Bluetooth devices. MIG-BTH4 : M-Rockz Bluetooth headphones.

Portable Bluetooth Rechargeable Speaker and Speakerphone. This portable product gives you the ability to listen to music or programming and simply press a button to answer a call without any reconfiguration. The unit is portable, with a rechargeable battery allowing you freedom!

Bluetooth speaker This device enables users to link their Bluetooth devices with their non-Bluetooth systems, such as older stereo components and non-Bluetooth home theatres. It’s a bridge between then and now and great way to enable older sound systems to be useful with smart phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. MIG-BT204 : M-Hub Portable Bluetooth speaker / audio receiver.

Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone with USB charging for phone. Finally, a Bluetooth speaker that does it all. Speaker docks should not be designed with one phone in mind, and this dock allows you to playback and charge any Bluetooth enabled phone! MIG-BT212 : Bluetooth speaker / speakerphone with USB charging for phones.

MIG-BT213 : Portable Bluetooth speaker / Speakerphone with built in rechargeable battery Visit Mutant Innovations to see the full line of products available through registered retailers.


Thomas Bliss
Mutant Innovation Group

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