Proudly Announces the Appointment of Everest University’s Criminal Justice Professor As New Police Chief

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — Police Lieutenant Fred Bittner, who is also the adjunct justice professor at Everest University, is Mayfield Heights’ new police chief.

Bittner, who is 46, is a holder of master of science degree in criminal justice, was just appointed new police chief to replace Joseph Donelly who has retired from the police force.

Bittner has been with the Mayfield Heights team since 1989. In 1996, his talents and capabilities were recognized when he was promoted to sergeant, and then a lieutenant in 1999 before finally rewarded with the title of Police Chief recently.

On top of his illustrious achievements, Bittner was also commander of the Suburban Police Anti-Crime Network Unit and a valuable addition to the unit’s crisis negotiation team. He also found time to impart knowledge as a training supervisor.

Right before becoming Mayfield Heights’ police lieutenant, the affable father of three became the founder of the Police Bicycle Patrol Unit in 1997. The following year, he was made the Mayfield Heights Police Honor Guard in 2000.

Upon confirmation as the new police chief, Bittner was excited to share ideas he will be implementing in the near future. “For one, more community programs will be set up. We want to reach out to the general public and create more effective crime-prevention programs.”

Mayor Greg Costabile, who was the one responsible for appointing Bittner as police chief, has this to say about the indefatigable candidate: “Bittner has undying passion and this can be seen from his efforts to lead the department. We value his vision and his motivation. Indeed, he is a well-respected individual who is the perfect person for the job.”

As an adjunct professor for the renowned Everest University and holder of a master of science degree in criminal justice, Bittner has constantly heard about youths expressing their desire to pursue a career in criminal justice. He wholeheartedly encourages them to do so and said, “The criminal justice field is an exciting one, and because it is one of the fastest growing career fields, students should expect plenty of diversified opportunities.” He went on to add that those interested in criminal justice may want to take up forensics as there are many appealing opportunities related to this area. Some job titles that may appeal to the younger generation include Forensic Psychologists,Computer Forensics and more.

Bittner is expected to attend the ceremonial oath scheduled for November 5 in council chambers.

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