, Inventor of Personalized Pacifiers, is still THE Online Pacifier Store with the Addition of Many New Style and Color Choices

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Mommy-invented MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers add numerous new style and color choices, confirming their title as THE online source for pacifiers., the inventor of personalized pacifiers, has introduced several new color and style MyPacifier Personalized Pacifier sets to their growing line of products. Since introduced the world’s first personalized pacifiers to America in early 2006, customers have suggested softer colors that don’t include dark red and dark blue, which are more popular in Europe. Our customers asked for pastel, and we’re now delivering pastel MyPacifiers in a big way!’s new products are: Pastel Green, Blue & White Deluxe Orthodontic MyPacifiers (silicone or latex nipples) Pastel Lavender, Pink & White Deluxe Orthodontic MyPacifiers (silicone or latex nipples) Pastel Green, Blue & White Deluxe Round MyPacifiers (silicone or latex nipples) Pastel Lavender, Pink & White Deluxe Round MyPacifiers (silicone or latex nipples) Brown, Army and White Esska Orthodontic MyPacifiers (silicone or latex nipples) New Lavender, Blue and Clear ‘Happy’ Esska symmetrical MyPacifiers (silicone or latex nipples) New Blue, Green and Clear ‘Happy’ Esska symmetrical MyPacifiers (silicone or latex nipples) New Green, Blue and Clear ‘spoked’ Esska symmetrical MyPacifiers (latex nipples) New Lavender, Blue and Clear ‘spoked’ Esska symmetrical MyPacifiers (latex nipples) In addition, several of our earlier Esska styles are now available with both silicone and latex nipples

The addition of these new styles and colors marks the single largest increase of choices in the brief history of!

The MyPacifier story started when a young mother in Denmark experienced the pacifier swap problem. Pia Callesen, the inventor of MyPacifiers, says, “When I went to day care to pick up my son Frederik, more often than not I found that his pacifier had disappeared and Frederik had another child’s pacifier in his mouth. I began searching for a pacifier product with a name on it, but I got the same answer in all the shops, ‘buy a permanent marker pen and write his name on the pacifier.’ I thought it should be possible for all parents to buy a quality pacifier with their child’s name engraved on it. Apart from looking good, it could then also survive repeated sterilization.”

Pia Callesen invented the world’s first personalized pacifier, something she thought was sorely needed for mothers everywhere. Callesen spent months researching to find the right mix of a quality pacifier and the best-possible engraving equipment. “Since its launch in Denmark and Sweden, under the name, there has been great interest in MyPacifier,” says Callesen. “When my family in California heard about my idea and how popular it was becoming, they decided that the time was right for personalized pacifiers to come to the United States. In partnership with, Kim and Carol Pedersen of Fremont, California have made MyPacifiers available to all American parents via their website,”

MyPacifiers are a quality European-produced product, approved by the American Consumer Standards Association and certified to EN Standard 1400. MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers come in sizes for newborns, 0-3 months, and for infants older than three months. While MyPacifiers are the original Personalized Pacifiers, a good idea usually gets copied. Beware of cheap quality imitations from companies claiming to be the original!’s shop also includes the only BPA-free personalized pacifiers available in the USA.

MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers and Designer Pacifiers can both be purchased on the Internet at, THE online source for pacifiers in the USA! Personalized MyPacifiers are available in packs of three for only $15 plus $3.50 shipping and handling, with discounts on pacifiers AND shipping for those purchasing more than one set. There is room for up to two lines of text on each MyPacifier Personalized Pacifier. At, you can preview just how a child’s name will look when engraved on one of our pacifiers for free, without having to place an order.

Designer Pacifiers, with Pirate, VIP, Genius and Princess designs, are available individually for $7 plus $2.50 shipping & handling. Reduced shipping and handling fees are available for orders of more than one. MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers and Designer Pacifiers make great gifts, as well as wonderful keepsakes.

In addition to the online shop, the Pedersen’s recently premiered MyPacifier.NET, the ‘little sister’ photograph and information website. Due to the enormous interest in the behind-the-scenes story of MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers, this ‘little sister’ website was established to provide content and pictures for our customers and interested press and media.

MyPacifier.NET includes a Photo Gallery of detailed product images, a Customer Gallery of cute babies with their MyPacifier Personalized Pacifiers, and galleries of celebrity events where MyPacifiers were prominently on hand, including Eva Longoria’s charity event on the Desperate Housewive’s Wisteria Lane set, the Night of 100 Stars Oscar Night Party and Trista Sutter’s baby shower, star of ‘The Bachelorette’ reality series.; home of the world’s first personalized pacifiers, is again confirmed as THE online store for pacifiers with its ever-growing pacifier product line!


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