Napa Acoustic, a High End Audio Company in the Bay Area, Was a Hit at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival Last Month

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Napa Acoustic was established in 2009 and in just a short amount of time they have become one of the more respected Bay Area high end audio companies. Recently the company was on full display at The Rocky Mountain Audio Festival. The event ran from October 14 through 16 in Denver and had more than 180 exhibitors and manufacturers of high performance audio gear in attendance.

Napa Acoustic was one of the most popular exhibitors and one frequently recommended by attendees. The company exhibited three systems beginning at $549.

“Our smallest system, The 208, was rated as the best overall value at the show,” says Chris Field, Marketing Director of Napa Acoustic. “Many compared its sound to systems they heard in other rooms as high as $4,000.”

Napa moved a lot of products at the festival. Their sales were among the highest of all the exhibitors because attendees saw the exceptional performance at affordable pricing first-hand. The company was also successful in other areas during the festival because they were approached by several rep firms of audio equipment to introduce their products to dealers throughout the western U.S.

Due to the expected growth, Napa Acoustic has begun interviewing talented, experienced rep firms to discuss representation in many major markets. One of these is Michael Baskin who has been tapped to become the firm’s first rep in Southern California.

Napa Acoustics manufactures and sells elegantly designed and intelligently engineered component audio systems and components directed at music lovers who want great sound…and some money left over to buy more music.

For more information, call 510-894-6994 or visit them online at Clients many also contact Chris Field directly at 603-706-0168.

About Napa Acoustic

Bay Area Napa Acoustic was established in 2009 with the mission of delivering superb sounding high-performance vacuum tube amplifiers, acoustic room treatment panels, CD players, power conditioners and other high quality components at very competitive pricing.


Joseph Kwong
Napa Acoustic