National Council of Asian American Business Associations (NCAABA) Partners to “Stimulate Change” and Brings Delegation to President Barack Obama’s California Town Hall Meetings

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — The National Council of Asian American Business Associations (NCAABA) is wrapping up an eventful first quarter of 2009 by moving the agenda for Asian American business forward. NCAABA is a non-profit organization with a membership that consists of Asian business associations, organizations, government agencies and corporations. Based in Mountain View, California, NCAABA focuses on effecting positive change for Asian Businesses in the areas of economic development, public contracting, supplier diversity, and fiscal policies.

On February 26th & 27th, in the San Francisco Bay Area, NCAABA hosted the “Stimulating Change Summit” with over 150 attendees the event received as a tremendous success in spite of a challenging economy. Jamie Borromeo and her staff worked with member Asian business associations of NCAABA to include some of the most prominent Asian Business leaders from around the country. To create connections between corporate and government agencies in attendance, participants engaged in sourcing roundtables allowing diverse business representatives to share their capabilities and services and begin a dialogue towards contract opportunities. Wells Fargo Corporate Supplier Diversity was the corporate partner in production of the event.

“NCAABA exceeded our expectations by bringing together a prominent group of Asian American business owners and leaders to provide a well structured, value added event for attendees,” said Sonya Dukes, Wells Fargo Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Supplier Diversity. “Through Wells Fargo’s partnership with NCAABA we have provided a forum to support diverse businesses and the communities we serve.”

During the summit, NCAABA filmed documentary footage for their forthcoming video “Our Mission, Our Voice”, in partnership with the Asian American Justice Center, that provides testimony from Asian American business owners and leaders and their experiences as entrepreneurs and pursuing contract opportunities. Sachi Koto, former CNN anchor and President of Sachi Koto communications hosts the unprecedented video project. NCAABA also launched a revision of their organizational website found at and plans for their forthcoming “Virtual Asian Business Community” that will reside on the site.

“Asian businesses represent a viable demographic of entrepreneurs in the United States and NCAABA is focused on increasing private and public sector contract opportunities,” said Jamie Borromeo, Executive Director of NCAABA. “Our organization at its core is about collaboration with member associations, corporations and government agencies to create change for diverse businesses and we will continue to create results to make progress.”

The White House extended an exclusive invitation to NCAABA to represent the Asian American business community in Southern California as President Obama visited the region within his first 100 days in office in a series of town hall meetings. NCAABA brought a collaborative delegation of Asian American business leaders to the town meetings. Delegation participants included Jamie Borromeo (NCAABA – Executive Director, Linda Sarno (NCAABA – Vice President, Gordon Eng (Asian Business Association – Los Angeles, Chairman), Dennis Huang (Asian Business Association – Los Angeles, Executive Director), Bill Imada (Asian Business Association – Los Angeles, Board Member), Mohammed Islam (South Asian Business Network, Executive Director), Edith Andres (Filipino Chamber of Commerce – Orange County, President), Kim-Yen Huynh (Orange County President’s Council, President).

Continuing to advance the agenda for diverse businesses, NCAABA will meet with the Office of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on March 30, 2009 in San Francisco. The agenda for the meeting includes a focus on local contracting issues that impact Federal Policy and the needs of her constituents in regards to the Stimulus Package. Mark Herbert, Field Representative of the Speaker, will host the meeting.

As the news of economic challenge continues in 2009, NCAABA has created successful business building events, strengthened political influence and created new organizational and corporate partnerships. With an inclusive approach toward change, NCAABA has done it all through partnership and teamwork to create change and increase opportunities and visibility for the Asian American business community.

“The National Council of Asian American Business Associations (NCAABA) is demonstrating to business organizations throughout the country that there is significant value when everyone works together to advance the issues and challenges faced by entrepreneurs and business owners. We need organizations such as NCAABA to advocate for a stronger, more viable environment where businesses can grow and thrive,” said Bill Imada, Chairman IW Group, Inc and Board Member of Asian Business Association – Los Angeles.

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