Net Gain Answers Real Estate Investors’ Most Important Questions

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Net Gain Real Estate (], the leading Internet provider of independent, value-added income property analysis, presents over 70 direct response answers to real estate investment questions. Each question is answered in a manner that is unbiased and instructive, with a primary goal of minimizing risk and maximizing return on income property investment. Answers are based on real world experience and timeless business principles.

The collection of real estate investment questions and answers is located at and is constantly growing as Net Gain responds twice per month to select questions. Samples of recent topics addressed are as follows: What is a reasonable gross rent multiplier (GRM) for income property? Are REITs a good buy right now? How can a small investor compete against big institutional buyers? How important is a capitalization rate to income property? Is land a good real estate investment? Is a full building worth below market rents? What should I look for in a property management company? How will current world tensions affect income property investment? Can a 1031 exchange be used with a rental property and a residence? What affect does the current housing slowdown have on income property?

Net Gain Real Estate is a wholly owned subsidiary of NetGainR.E.Inc. In addition to an extensive question and answer section, investors may also find proprietary essays on income property investment, a comprehensive due diligence checklist, capitalization rate recommendations, and a composite index of REIT data at

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