NetBase Outlines 10 Tips to Help Companies Better Leverage Social Media

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — NetBase, the enterprise-scale social media analytics company, today offered guidance on how businesses can better utilize social media to engage with audiences, going beyond impressions and likes.

Following are 10 tips to help companies get the most out of Twitter and other social media campaigns, including examples from NetBase clients that have leveraged the power of its proprietary social media analytics technology.

1. Use hashtags thoughtfully. Hashtags don’t always increase engagement rates and using more than two may lead to a decrease in engagement. Use hashtags sparingly to keep audiences focused on the action you want them to take.

2. Build strong ties with your target audience. Identify what your consumers are passionate about and leverage that through a creative campaign. “Ford Mustang ran a campaign that invited its advocates to create short videos about what inspires them using the hashtag #MustangInspires,” said Pernille Bruun-Jensen, CMO of NetBase. “What started as a short campaign to get advocates excited about the new car model launch is alive and well today as people continue to use the hashtag.”

3. Increase visibility of posts with photos, videos, and quotes. According to Twitter’s recent study of over 2 million tweets, photos get an average 35 percent boost in retweets, videos get a 28 percent boost, and quotes deliver 19 percent uplift in retweets.

4. Use action words. Posts that ask audiences to take action get more interaction than those that merely share content. Use action words, including download, retweet, check out, and share.

5. Post when your audience is active. While timing depends on the business and product, some general guidelines for the most effective times to post include Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. for Facebook, between 1 to 4 p.m. all week for Twitter, and LinkedIn should be leveraged Tuesday through Thursday around noon or between 5 to 6 p.m.

6. Leave space on tweets for retweets. As a rule of thumb, use 20-40 fewer characters in each tweet.

7. Turn your advocates into brand ambassadors. Cultivate relationships with your biggest advocates to keep their loyalty and help each other thrive. “Taco Bell noticed passionate fans tweeting at them, ‘Marry me, Taco Bell!’ and took it a step further by sending each advocate a branded engagement ring with a hand-written note,” said Bruun-Jensen. “They listened to their audience and went above and beyond to reward its biggest fans. That’s turning advocates into ambassadors.”

8. Plan for marketing in the moment. Put the proper technology, including a real-time social listening tool, and processes in place to support your marketing in the moment. “Arby’s grabbed headlines with its clever Grammys Tweet at Pharrell Williams, stating, ‘Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? #GRAMMYS,’’ said Bruun-Jensen. “It was retweeted more than 80,000 times and favorited by nearly 50,000 people, thanks to the NetBase real-time social media monitoring platform.”

9. Test your big budget campaign strategy on social. After determining the best-performing campaign elements through real-time testing, optimize quickly to get the best result for your big budget campaign.

10. Iterate for success. Once your campaign is up and running, measure performance against your goals. Pin down elements that perform best and reuse them for future campaigns.

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About NetBase NetBase is the award-winning social analytics platform that global companies use to run brands, build businesses, and connect with consumers every second. Its platform processes billions of social media posts daily for actionable business insights for marketing, research, customer service, sales, PR, and product innovation. NetBase is a trusted partner to AMC Networks, American Airlines, Arby’s, Coca-Cola, Kenneth Cole, Ogilvy, T-Mobile, Taco Bell, Universal Music Group, Walmart, and YUM! (including Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and others). Learn more at or @NetBase. See your brand’s social movement in real-time with NetBase LIVE Pulse™.


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