NetGain Follows Web 2.0 to Dramatic Gains in Internet Reach for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) —, the leading independent website providing value-added information for real estate investing, has reported striking growth since embarking on a Web 2.0 socialization program.

As part of a two year business plan, NetGain recently embarked on a campaign to provide users with opportunities to share, interact, and contribute content on the subject of income property analysis. The goal is a global investment community sharing their knowledge and experience with one another.

According to Google Analytics, since embracing Web 2.0 approaches earlier this month, NetGain’s Internet reach to countries has increased by 50 percent to 74 and Internet reach to cities has increased 60 percent to 795.

NetGain’s co-founder Allen Cymrot states, “There is a thirst in the international income property community for independent, unbiased, value-added information. NetGain’s effective response to this need delivered in a dynamic and interactive environment has proven to be an advantageous attraction that transcends borders.”

The company’s core products consist of regular written analysis of commercial real estate investing, online due diligence for minimizing risk and maximizing ROI on income property, and cap rate recommendations based on three leading economic indicators.

Founded in Mountain View, CA in 2005, was established on the premise that investors and others in the real estate world will find value from a steady stream of value-added information that is unbiased, clear and meaningful.


Robert Mann