Network Cabling Installer, Fixtro, Offer Tips To Keep Patch Panel Organized and Network Running Smooth.

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Fixtro, Network Cable Installer, recently released a slide show with great tips to organize patch panel and wiring closet in small business environment. San Francisco fastest growing cabling Installer explained the need to label the voice, video and data segments of small business network using labels and color coded patch cords.

Most Network Cabling Installer labels the patch panel and end points such as surface mount jacks. However, this should be simply the start of organizing the network. Each cable should also be labeled on both ends along with termination points. You may use the same color cable for voice, video and data segments of your network but you should use different color patch cords to clearly mark the patch panel jacks as voice, video or data. You can also buy patch panel that have jacks in different colors. Some patch panel makers also allow you to buy the color coded jacks separately that can be simply inserted into patch panel for simple installation.

You can also attach a laminated A4 sheet with wiring closet that can have information about color codes and other equipments in the wiring closet. This simple sheet can help your troubleshoot the network from remote site using the help of on-site employee. “Sites with little or no technical staff on-site can significantly decrease the network down time by following the simple directions on network cheat sheet attached to wiring closet,” explained, Deepak Sharma, IT Project Manager, of Structured Cabling Company.

Labeling of all equipments in wiring closet can also help in organization and troubleshooting. You may also want to clearly mark power over Ethernet (PoE) and non POE switches and other equipments such as routers and modems. Use of “Red Color” can also help to stress the importance of particular cable or equipment. You can also use creative labels such as “Do Not Un-Plug” or “Leave It On At All Times” to make important points. Your IT support staff or IT support consultant will surely appreciate these simple but important details. Implementation of these tips will help your IT consultant quickly understand the details of your network and get your network up and running as fast as possible.

You will find Fixtro’s approach of Network Cable Installation nothing less than a work of art. We use professionally printed labels to clearly mark each cable, termination point and equipments in wiring closet. We can work with your IT consultant, IT staff, or general contractor. You can contact Fixtro at 510-709-4030 to set up a free site survey or get no obligation quote. We are sure you will be pleased with our delivery of project, on-time completion, attention to detail and most competitive pricing.

About Fixtro:

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Deepak Sharma
Fixtro – IT Support Company