New Arrivals of Headband Styles Offer Affordability and Fashion at Hair Barrettes Wholesale

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — In this uncertain economic time, shoppers are cautious in filling Christmas shopping lists, avoiding steep prices on accessories, and instead, looking for items that come with a low price tag, but are still stylish and pretty. Hair Barrettes Wholesale, with its new arrivals of 12 brand new headbands, meets the need for these price conscious consumers. With headbands being offered from $3.50 to $5 a dozen, or $0.30 to $0.50 per headband, the website offers stylish yet affordable options for consumers. The new arrivals make it effortless to complete Christmas shopping on a limited budget.

The low pricing on these dozen packs of headbands makes them ideal for wholesale shoppers. Hair Barrettes Wholesale customers have the freedom to purchase more accessories, as well as the ability to sell plenty of headbands to price conscious retail shoppers. The headbands that have arrived at Hair Barrettes Wholesale are not only stylish: they're both practical in function for wearers and easy to market for shop owners. "Buy low and sell low, for fast turnover," says Hilda Wong, Manager – Sales.

Fashion is an important priority for Hair Barrettes Wholesale, even with the low price tag. In the $3.50 a dozen group, new arrivals include a green and white plastic headband with comb teeth for added security, with a unique twisting design. Other headbands in the group include the fabric wrapped headbands in plaid and geometric prints.

Unique designs popular with shoppers also are available in Hair Barrettes Wholesale's $4 a dozen group. Customers will enjoy the sparkles on a black background, as well as metallic zebra prints in gold and silver. These styles will make a statement while keeping hair out of the way.

The $5 a dozen group includes wide headbands which come in patterns like zebra print and star studded print, as well as a lace-wrapped option that comes in a variety of colors with black lace for added elegance and style.

In addition to headbands, the new arrivals also include other products: crystal barrettes, functional and fashionable jewel and abalone clips, bridal combs, and trendy mini clips. Interested shoppers can find these new arrivals at Hair Barrettes Wholesale now. Shoppers who do not want to buy dozen packs can visit to purchase the same products in 1-unit packs.

About Hair Barrettes Wholesale Bella Fashion Jewelry is a leading provider of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories to help customers stay up to date with the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Bella Fashion Jewelry has been in the business of fashion jewelry and accessories for over 21 years, and has just launched its new wholesale subsidiary, Hair Barrettes Wholesale. Bella Fashion Jewelry, owned and operated out of Hayward, California, now operates at three levels: at retail site,, no minimum order amount is set, and pricing is at everyday discounted retail pricing. Free shipping is offered for orders of $30 or more. At, 1st and 2nd tier of wholesale pricing are offered, minimum order amount is set at $30, and shoppers are allowed to buy 1 each of each style or color with free shipping for orders of $60 or more. At its newly launched wholesale site,, minimum order amount is set at $45. Products at are dozen packed with some come in six packs, and pricing is at 3rd tier wholesale pricing which starts some products at as low as $3.50 a dozen.


Hilda Wong
Hair Barrrettes Wholesale