New at Auto Accident Injuries and Chiropractic

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — It’s very common for car accident victims to seek Chiropractic care over all other options but many are unaware of how Doctors of Chiropractic assist in protecting the legal rights of the injured.

This month at, the 2 components that define the Chiropractor-patient relationship are revealed.

In short, Chiropractic education instills that auto injury cases have two components:

1. An injury component. This component requires healthcare, treatment to the injured patient.

2. A legal component. This component involves the protection of the injured patient’s legal rights.

Chiropractors who treat personal injury patients understand that their clinical protocols can influence the legal component of a personal injury case. Those protocols include: Taking a good case history Doing a thorough orthopedic and neurological examination Taking good quality and adequate radiographs Creating an accurate diagnosis that can be supported by history, complaints and examination findings Doing standard and thorough daily charting Using standard measurement outcomes, such as pain drawings, Oswestry, Roland Morris, Neck Disability Index, SF-36, algometer, visual analogue scale, etc. Doing periodic (monthly) thorough subjective and objective re-evaluations with a follow-up written report of findings Having referred the patient out for needed diagnostic procedures that are not done in the chiropractic office (MRI, EMG, SEP, SPECT, etc.) Having referred to other health care providers and/or colleagues for verifying or additional opinions Being able to determine when the patient has reached a point of maximum improvement, and consequently ending regularly scheduled treatment so that the case can proceed towards settlement of claim Being knowledgeable and conversant in the academic concepts of soft tissue injury, such as the phases of injured tissue healing, the relationship of vehicle damage to patient injury, the influence of pre-accident degenerative joint disease, and the influence of variables such as pre-accident awareness or head rotation

Dr. Benjamin Altadonna, publisher of “The Chiropractic Impact Report”, an online monthly source of auto injury information for the general public says, “Finally, there is a place to go online that reveals why chiropractic works, how it works, and how it can benefit car accident victims. I’ve created this website to give car accident victims the education and confidence they need to make their own choice as to who should care for their injuries. This site includes easy to read information on “Chronic Pain From Whiplash Injury”, “Neck Injuries And The Acceleration of Neck Arthritis”, “Pre-Accident Arthritis of the Neck”, “Healing Time For Injured Soft Tissues”, “Problems With Pain Medicines”, “The Benefits Of Chiropractic”, “Understanding Whiplash Injury”, and much more.”

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, you can learn more and find a doctor in your area that treats auto accident injuries by going to


Ben Altadonna
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