New Beet Juice Formulation by Red Ace Organics Playing an Important Role in Heart Healthy Diets

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Red Ace Organics nitric oxide-potent Beet Juice is now being sold with Berkeley Test. Individuals can now self-check their nitric oxide status as part of a heart healthy wellness plan with a one-minute saliva test, typically used upon waking in the morning, and then again 2-3 hours after consuming plant-based foods, such as a bottle of Red Ace. Maintaining a heart healthy diet and nitric oxide bioavailability can now be done anywhere in just seconds without a costly lab bill.

THE ROLE OF PLANT-BASED FOODS IN A HEART HEALTHY DIET The 1998, Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded for the discovery of the importance of nitric oxide in cardiovascular health. As the body ages, it begins to lose its ability to make nitric oxide. Plant-based diets enriched with leafy greens and other vegetables, such as beets, replenish the body's ability to generate cardio-protective levels of nitric oxide. Consuming nitric oxide-potent foods is not a once a month, or once a week option if an individual is interested improving their cardio vascular wellness.

Plant-based foods are the staple of every recognized heart healthy diet, such as the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet, because they elevate the levels of nitric oxide, a natural cardio-protective factor. To promote adherence of daily heart healthy plant-based diets throughout the day, Red Ace Organics, the first US developer of a nitric oxide potent organic beet juice 2 ounce shot, is now providing Berkeley Test strips as part of an integrated holistic dietary approach to improving cardiovascular wellness.

MONITORING INDIVIDUAL NITRIC OXIDE STATUS IS KEY TO DERIVING BENEFIT “To maximize the physiologic benefits of ingested nitrates converting to nitric oxide in your body, bioavailability must be regularly visualized and tracked,” stated Miles McCabe, co-founder of Red Ace Organics. He continued, “Berkeley Test strips provide this solution by offering a simple, inexpensive and non-invasive measure of total body nitric oxide bioavailability in human saliva. Berkeley Test strips validate the presence of nitric oxide produced in the body after drinking a nitrate-rich source of beet juice. Berkeley Test provides instant feedback and tracking of how well someone is doing on maintaining an elevated level to provide heart-protecting benefits.”

DRUG RESISTANCE AND HYPERTENSION ON THE RISE Nearly one-third of all people treated for hypertension with pharmaceutical drugs will still have elevated blood pressure and all associated cardiovascular disease risk factors. Simply stated, Americans are slowly becoming immune per se to anti-hypertensive drugs and they are becoming less effective. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is also on the rise and is now affecting children as young as 5-10 years of age. MSNBC reported almost 1 billion people worldwide have high blood pressure, and over half a billion more, will harbor this silent killer by 2025. Today, one in three Americans has hypertension, an underlying cause of heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease and because of its prevalence, high blood pressure is the largest contributor to death worldwide.

With drug resistant high blood pressure on the rise, there is a renewed interest in preventing hypertension in a more holistic, dietary manner. Diets rich in nitric oxide-potent foods such as beets and leafy greens, are key to lowering, managing, and preventing high blood pressure in adults and children.

The next step in taking full advantage of this knowledge to reduce cardiovascular risk is establishing a daily routine of improved eating habits. For the vast majority of Americans, 2 cups of fruits and vegetables is often the upper limit of one's daily intake and 5 servings per week is not only typical, but is far less than the DASH diet recommended servings of upwards to 8-10 servings per day.

NO TIME FOR SALAD? Red Ace now provides a convenient way to substitute one of your salads or vegetables in an effort to boost compliance and monitoring of a heart-healthy, cardio-protective diet. A single 2 ounce organic beet juice shot containing 3-4 beets bundled with easy-to-use oral nitric oxide test strips from Berkeley Test provides an excellent solution. By consuming nitrate-rich foods, such as Red Ace beet juice or a spinach-arugula salad, and testing 2 hours thereafter with a Berkeley Test strip, natural elevated levels of nitric oxide can be sustained throughout the day providing around the clock heart health benefit.

Formulated after the pioneering clinical studies at the Karolinska Institute, University of Exeter, University of London among other UK scientific collaborators, Red Ace Organics formulated an all-organic beet juice shot consisting of 3-4 organic beets mixed with organic lemons and berries that enables the body to generate cardio-protective nitric oxide.

STRIPS VALIDATE THE BODY'S ABILITY TO CONVERT NITRIC OXIDE-POTENT FOODS It is well established through published clinical evaluations that elevated levels of nitric oxide generated from beet juice decreases blood pressure in pre-hypertensive individuals. Researchers from Queen Mary, University of London, published in the American Heart Association Journal, Hypertension, demonstrates the blood pressure lowering effects of nitrate-rich beet juice. Subjects who drank beet root juice containing a natural source of inorganic nitrate showed an average 10-point decrease in their blood pressure. Sustaining such levels may be critical in maintaining normal blood pressure. The lead author, Dr. Ahluwalia, reported to Medical Xpress: "Our hope is that increasing one's intake of vegetables with a high dietary nitrate content, such as green leafy vegetables or beet root juice, might be a lifestyle approach that one could easily employ to improve cardiovascular health.”

Berkeley Test's patent-pending strip monitors nitric oxide bioavailability, but also provides an instant readout so individuals can makes informed decisions, in real-time, about maintaining a level sufficient to promote vascular wellness. The proprietary strip was developed by a group of scientists and athletes who needed a sensitive, easy to use, and affordable strip that could be used 3-4 times daily to make dietary adjustments as needed to maintain optimal levels of nitric oxide.

CARDIO-PROTECTIVE DIET AND AGING Diets rich in nitric oxide-potent leafy greens and beets become more important as we age. Vascular aging and metabolic disorders — such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetic insulin resistance — are on the rise and are the most prevalent promoters of cardiovascular disease. Although there is an inheritable basis to cardiovascular disease, poor diet and physical inactivity remain the primary drivers. A daily lifestyle of a cardio-protective diet is the best solution.

With age, arteries lose their elasticity and ability to make nitric oxide to prevent cardiovascular disease. Scientific evidence suggests that vascular aging may be delayed through the increased production of nitric oxide, thereby, enhancing cardiovascular function. Berkeley Test provides a scientific-evidence based tool to improve and ensure dietary compliance of natural whole foods, specifically, plant-based sources such as Red Ace Organic Beet Juice, that allows the body to make cardio-protective nitric oxide, naturally.

FIND OUT MORE Red Ace Organics, the first US developer of a nitric oxide-potent organic beet juice, has developed a convenient 2 ounce shot containing 3-4 organic beets with organic lemons and berries. Red Ace is available in Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Red Ace Organics is offering a spring promotion in recognition of Runner's Month, a combo of Red Ace + Berkeley Test which is now available online at

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