New Book Provides Working-class Reflections on the Disintegrating American Dream

Richmond, California (EastBayDaily) — How do you break the cycle of poverty, poor education and apathy in the United States? Author R.J. Russell thinks speaking the tough truth with a clear voice is where to start.

His book “LIFE” is an inspiring collection of poems that boldly discuss controversial issues all Americans face. Rooted in political, social and spiritual platforms, each poem tells a compelling story designed to inspire self-reflection and action.

Drawing from his personal struggles and Christian faith, Russell’s poems inspire readers, both believers and non-believers, to examine their surroundings.

“My poems spread truth,” Russell said. “They encourage people to pay attention to the world around them and not buy into what tabloids say.”

Russell’s rhymes discuss contentious issues faced by most lower- and middle-class Americans. They explain the harsh realities of the world while remaining timely as they inspire readers to overcome personal and spiritual challenges.

“We’re all burdened by the onslaughts of the world,” Russell said. “While the poems cut no corners for comfort’s sake, they remain uplifting and give hope for a better future.”


Matthew Zetzl