New Historical Novel Takes a Look at the Early Life of Joseph Stalin

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — In Early Stalin, the first volume of Death Only Wins: The Stalin Trilogy (a cradle-to-grave account of Joseph Stalin’s life, spanning three-quarters of a century), Ravi Ravindranathan takes the reader through the history of Imperial Russia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, while telling the story of the young Stalin with the fresh eyes of a novelist.

Early Stalin deals with Joseph Stalin’s life from birth to the outbreak of the February Revolution in 1917, until his 38th birthday. It recounts Stalin’s abysmal childhood, his mother’s efforts to get him into the Orthodox priesthood, his ecclesiastical education, his expulsion from the Tiflis Theological Seminary, his life as an organizer of robberies to fund Vladimir Lenin’s revolutionary enterprises, his first marriage, the death of his wife, his love affairs, his trips abroad, and his many arrests, exiles, and escapes from Siberia.

As the background to his story, the author makes effective use of the land of Georgia with its splendid food and wine, spectacular beauty, literature, customs, and culture in general, as well as the harshness of the vast Siberian landscape. Early Stalin helps provide clues to Stalin’s behaviour as the ruler of the Soviet Union, giving the reader a glimpse into the first phase of his life to explain how Stalin became Stalin.

Apart from the colossal power Stalin exerted during the quarter century of his dominance in the affairs of the Soviet Union and the world, his ghost still haunts post-Soviet Russia, sixty years after his death. The development of the later Stalin can be understood only within the context of this early period.

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About the Author Ravi Ravindranathan obtained his doctorate from Oxford University and taught modern Russian and European history in Canada and the United States for two decades before embarking on his Stalin trilogy. He has travelled extensively in Europe and Russia, including Siberia, and the Republic of Georgia. He is also the author of a book entitled Bakunin and the Italians. Among his teachers at Oxford were the late Sir Isaiah Berlin and Mr. Harry Willetts, translator of a number of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s works into English.

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