New Inspirational book encourages readers to find guidance from within

Piedmont, California (EastBayDaily) — When author Dr. Laura Basha became aware of a new principle-based paradigm 25 years ago, she began to inculcate it within her perception. This led to a dramatic yet quietly transformational shift in her life and work, which she shares in her new self-help book. “The Inward Outlook” (published by Xlibris) articulates this principle-based understanding of how people are designed, which she states will enable readers to attain contentment, joy and authentic self-expression.

The overall theme of Basha’s inspirational book is that the way people think creates their experience of life. It shows the beauty of this concept, which is that once people recognize the significant role that thought plays in their lives, it opens the way to a fulfilling life experience that is not limited by past or present circumstances. This allows for a person to become present to their life’s purpose and authentic self-expression. It serves as a reminder to readers that it is possible to have the life they have hoped for and dreamed of. The book brings a practical perspective and asserts that accessing contentment, being free from struggle, and dealing with the challenges of life without suffering, is all possible through the concept it professes. Its goal is that readers will be empowered to catalyze their capacity to experience happiness and positively influence their own and others’ well-being.

“We tend to always look outside of ourselves –from the memory of past experience, listening to others’ opinions, or from conditions or circumstances – to see what next steps we should take. We look outside of ourselves to see how we’re doing,” Basha says, and goes on to say that, “This book points you in the direction of realizing that the guru is within you. Everything you’re looking for, you already have.”

“The Inward Outlook” By Laura Basha, PhD Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 96 pages | ISBN 9781499038392 Softcover | 6 x 9 in |96 pages | ISBN 9781499038408 E-Book | 96 pages | ISBN 9781499038385 Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author Laura Basha, PhD, is a certified trainer and holds a BA in Fine Arts, a MA in Counseling Psychology, and a combined doctorate in Clinical and Organizational Psychology. The focus of her work has always been personal and organizational transformation and leadership development, and she has been an international consultant, educator, and personal coach for thousands of clients since 1978. A compelling and empowering speaker and an accomplished artist, Basha resides in Northern California with her husband and their two hilarious Tibetan terriers.

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