New iPhone Photo Accessory Changes the Game with the Ultimate Creative Accessory on KickStarter By Neon Spark: Ninth Sprocket inventor


Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — NinthSprocket is the ultimate creative system for iphonegraphy. Combining the feel of a pro Digital SLR camera and the creativity of toy cameras like the Holga and Diana. With the big grip, 2 tripod mounts, stand, color Spark Filters, LED Fun Spots, and unlimited DIY mods creativity is just the start. Help revolutionize iphoneography with #hardprocess effects with spark filters and fun spots. Bring personality iphoneography with the physical accessories. Help the accessory come to life and flourish in the creative community. Check out the KickStarter campaign.

What does the Ninth Sprocket name mean? The name was chosen because film has 8 sprockets on a frame, Ninth Sprocket system combines old and new iPhonegraphy to get something cool with a nod to the old ways of shooting — hence the name Ninth Sprocket.

It works with your slim case. 1- slide it in the slot 2- tighten 3- shoot post repeat with amazing creative results.

Great for getting creative images that go beyond Instagram filters Photojournalists get full control over the iphone it feels like a real camera Street photographers can walk and shoot at the same time with ease Wedding photographers can get creative closeups in camera so many unique effects Videographers can get in camera special effects with ease The accessory is open to DIY mods from simple to complex in fact with so many possibilities a book was created to detail how to get the most out of the product.

Spark Filters are real color filters come in a variety of colors. They can be stacked too. Filters provide a way to creatively transform images out of iphone images — they pop with new creative fun.

Fun spots are colored LED lights that add flare, light leak effects to images. They also come in a variety of colors for the ultimate creativity and unlimited possibilities.

Check out sample images on tumblr, twitter and Instagram. Help bring this amazing accessory to the creative community.


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