New Lifestyle Product, Puretergent, a High-performance, Stain-fighting Laundry Soap That’s Natural, Chemical-free, and Packaged in an Eco-friendly Pouch

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — THE FORMULA Puretergent is natural, plant-based and designed for high-efficiency machines. There’s no bad stuff and no unpronounceable compounds inside. You will never find chlorine, phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners, preservatives, thickeners, nonylphenol, or alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE) in our formulas. The even better news, we are tough on stains, and work just as well as non-natural brands.

THE SIMPLE SYSTEM Just like one bottle of shampoo doesn’t work for every hair type, different fabrics need to be laundered accordingly. We’ve devised a simple system to address different types of laundry loads.

Gentle is an aloe formula for extra softness, ideal for babies, wool, down, silks, and the allergy-prone. Calm is infused with lavender to keep colors staying brighter. Fresh is a super-stain remover with a proprietary blend of essential oils for your dirtiest loads.

THE PACKAGING Forget about sticky drips and spills–a built-in spout dispenses with the push of a button. Plus, our pouches use 75% less plastic compared to the average plastic bottle. We’re also hooked on our cut-out handle, designed so you can conveniently take Puretergent anywhere. Added bonus: It’s space-saving. You can hang the pouch on the wall of your laundry room.

THE RESULTS Our formulas wash completely clean, so clothes come out feeling fluffy, and cotton-fresh. Puretergent delivers natural softness. You’ll never need fabric softeners or dryer sheets ever again. Infused with botanic surfactants and natural degreasers, we’re tough on stains, yet gentle on skin and clothes. Colors stay vibrant, whites shine again, and without any petroleum or residue, skin can breathe again.

THE FOUNDER Julia Fry worked in the fashion industry for over fourteen years, and observed with frustration beautiful fabrics get stiff, faded, and itchy after one wash. When she couldn’t find a laundry formulation that preserved the softness and color of fabric, she developed Puretergent. She received the SUDSY award given by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Julia developed premium green laundry formulations for the top hotels on the West Coast prior to introducing a home solution through Puretergent.

WHERE TO BUY Puretergent is available at 500 locations, and counting. In LA: Now at Bristol Farms and in May, look for us at Ralph’s. In Chicago: Jewel-Osco In SF: Andronico’s, Lunardi’s & Mollie Stones In Seattle: PCC, Hagen, at select QFC and Fred Meyers

For more stores or to buy online, go to

MSRP $13 for 50 loads

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