New Lines of Swarovski Crystal and Crystal and Beaded Hairpins Bring More Glamour to Bella Fashion

Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — Hairpins don't have to be plain, or only offer the benefits of practicality. Customers who want both stylish and functional hairpins can look to Bella Fashion's new lines of hairpins in beads and Swarovski crystals. With colorful designs, excellent materials, and practical function, these new arrivals transform a necessary and functional hair product into a statement of style. With Bella Fashion's reasonable pricing, customers can buy these new products and look great without financial worries.

The Swarovski crystal line of hairpins adds glamour to a hairstyle for a special occasion, or simply add a little sparkle to the everyday look. With a convenient bobby pin design, these hairpins slide into the hair with ease and are embellished with Swarovski crystals in lovely colors. A simple tool becomes a decorative accessory, allowing wearers to coordinate several hairpins to give a style a creative quality that will stand out from the crowd. In colors like yellow-green and amber, the crystals embody the warm spring vibe in time for the season. Vivid green, sky blue, and deep blue options evoke nature's beauty with a touch of gold, and pink, white, and purple combinations coincide with lively spring flowers.

The new crystal and beaded line of hairpins adds a fun and colorful touch that plenty of hairstyles can benefit from. Whether casual or sophisticated, the crystal and beaded hairpins give an element of style to an otherwise basic hair-do. With colors like gold and black for the hairpin plating, customers can choose whether they want their hairpins to blend with the hair and put the spotlight on the beads and crystals to pop out and shine. The various designs include spherical shapes and florals, great free-spirited looks that add a fun element to a hairstyle. Pink flowers, white crystal hearts with floral accents, and vine-like floral petals all add interest to a look with this brand new line of hairpins.

The new lines of hairpins are available now at Bella Fashion Jewelry and Bella Fashion Wholesale, at affordable prices that allow customers to stock up on this essential accessory.

About Bella Fashion Jewelry Inc. Bella Fashion Jewelry is a leading provider of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories to help customers stay up to date with the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Bella Fashion Jewelry has been in the business of fashion jewelry and accessories for over 21 years, and has just launched its new wholesale subsidiary, Hair Barrettes Wholesale. Bella Fashion Jewelry, owned and operated out of Hayward, California, now operates at three levels: at retail site,, no minimum order amount is set, and pricing is at everyday discounted retail pricing. Free shipping is offered for orders of $30 or more. At, 1st and 2nd tier of wholesale pricing are offered, minimum order amount is set at $30, and shoppers are allowed to buy 1 each of each style or color with free shipping for orders of $60 or more. At its newly launched wholesale site,, minimum order amount is set at $45. Products at are dozen packed, as well as “by the piece” options, and pricing is at 3rd tier wholesale pricing for the dozen packs, which start some products at as low as $3.50 a dozen.


Hilda Wong
Bella Fashion Jewelry

Hilda Wong
Bella Fashion Jewelry Inc.

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