New Online Tutoring from Hotmath Lets Parents Give Teens Access to Math Help at Home

Kensington, California (EastBayDaily) — Eighty-four percent of students would rather take out the trash, clean their rooms, or go to the dentist than do their math homework, according to a survey from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. To help make homework a positive experience for students, Hotmath, Inc., the leading provider of all-in-one math homework help, announces the addition of live online math tutoring to This new service enables parents to give their children the support they need to succeed in mathematics.

Parents often feel anxious about their own math skills because they struggled with the subject when they were in school, and now feel challenged by the difficulty of their children’s math homework. Whether or not parents completely understand their child’s math assignments, they can still help their child as they progress through school by asking the right questions, helping their child approach problems with the right attitude, and getting extra help from the teacher or a tutor as needed, according to the National Mathematics Advisory Panel.

“Middle school, high school and college students spend anywhere from 30 minutes to more than three hours on math homework each school night,” said Chuck Grant, co-founder of Hotmath. “Students may not receive help at home or be able to spend time with a tutor away from class. With the introduction of tutoring, offers students the math help they need, when they need it, and studies show that students’ scores improve when online tutoring is provided.”

Live online math tutoring connects students instantly with professional math tutors, who offer help on topics ranging from pre-algebra to calculus. For questions on homework, or help when studying, students can click the “Ask-a-Tutor” button to discuss the problem with a math tutor. Communication takes place online through an interactive whiteboard where visual aids such as drawings, graphs and mathematical steps can be displayed. With the immediate assistance of live online tutoring, students are able to successfully complete their required homework with greater understanding.

In addition to live tutoring, Hotmath offers an online subscription service that furnishes step-by-step solutions to odd-numbered homework problems in popular math textbooks. The service covers textbooks used in more than 90 percent of today’s middle school, high school and college classrooms, and studies show these explanations give students a better understanding of the material, helping them solve the remaining even-numbered problems. Hotmath step-by-step solutions also serve as a valuable resource for parents, as many feel unsure about helping their children with math. The step-by-step solutions often resolve the student’s misunderstanding, reducing the need for live tutoring, and cost for the parents. But the live online tutoring is there instantly if a student needs additional help.

Hotmath offers other resources to help students complete their math homework, including tutorial videos, reference materials, and learning activities. The company also provides free practice tests, math workbooks, graphing calculator tutorials, and math games to ensure all students improve their academic performance in mathematics.

Individual family subscriptions for live math tutoring starts at $20 for 50 minutes, with a limited-time introductory trial available at $5 for 50 minutes. Subscriptions for the step-by-step homework solutions cost $49 for 12 months of unlimited use.

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About Hotmath, Inc. Hotmath enhances learning by helping students complete their required math homework successfully. The company offers students all-in-one math homework help, through step-by-step instructions to solve odd-numbered problems in popular textbooks, and live tutoring available anytime using an online interactive whiteboard. Founded by math educators in 2000, Hotmath is based in Kensington, Calif. For more information, visit or phone 510-524-5525.


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