New Perfect Places Pages Helps Fans Find Vacation Rentals at Premier Sporting Events


Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Perfect Places is excited to announce new Events Pages that provide fans of golf, tennis, extreme sports and triathlons a valuable resource for finding the events they want to attend and booking vacation rentals.

"Sporting events are a great reason to travel," said Perfect Places President Rick Haggart. "This is especially true of sporting events that are in and of themselves big events. The X-Games, just about any PGA Tour event, Tennis' Grand Slam, and the Ironman Triathlons all qualify."

Haggart said these are the kind of sporting events that by their very nature invite travelers to stay for a week or more and longer stays make vacation rentals a very attractive alternative to hotels.

"They are held in beautiful vacation destinations," he said. "So not only the competitors go, but their fans, family and friends follow."

Over the years, participation in major sporting events has increased, Haggart said. Sports marketers have not only aggressively encouraged competitors to participate, they've ramped up the activities surrounding the event itself.

The Ironman is a good example, Haggart said. "Last year, we set up our first events page, and it was noticed by people looking for lodging at various Ironman qualifying races." The buildup to an Ironman race, usually held on a Saturday or Sunday, is significant, giving people lots to do and experience. Competitors in Ironman races aren’t just professional athletes, Haggart said, but also everyday people who’ve trained to achieve a significant goal. “This expands the pool of people interested in this unique sport,” he said.

"Then there are events like the X-Games or a PGA Tournament," Haggart said. All the competitors are professional, but play in both is stretched out over multiple days. "Why not arrive at your vacation rental early in the week, enjoy the city or beach, and then take in golf Thursday through Sunday? This is becoming much more popular as a vacation for people who want to simply attend the event."

Haggart said that following the success of the Ironman page, Perfect Places decided to add pages for PGA Tournaments, ATA's Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments (held over a two-week period), and the summer and winter X-Games. Each page gives visitors important dates, quick details about the events, links to vacation rentals and pages with relevant information about the event.

"We plan on adding more Event Pages in the future," Haggart said. "Our goal is to simply make it easy for people to find the events they want to attend and the vacation rentals they want to stay in.

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